General Goals 1) to be debt free in 3.5 years 2) save lots of money

Tuesday, November 30, 2010


As you know I don't have a car. So to get to work I spent 2.5 hours on 2 different busses. As a result I spend quite a bit of time watching people. While riding the bus to work yesterday two different girls sat in front of me. The first one has a Puma bag and a Guess purse and the second one had a Coach purse and a small Coach purse she was using as a wallet. Both girls were around the same age as I am-early twenties.

What struck me was the contrast between myself and these girls. The idea of spending $100, $300 or $500 on bags blows my mind. The most I have ever spent on a bag was 15 euros when I was in Millano and even then my travelling companion had to convince me it wasn't a stupid waste of money. The idea of spending money on something to hold my money in has always been a difficult one for me especially when I will end up with nothing to put in the wallet. My current wallet is a mistery gift it was either given to my sister or I one Christmas. But no one knows for who or my whome so it just showed up on my desk on boxing day when we were clearning up the living room.

One of the things that I noticed about many of the Personal Finance blogs was that the people writing them confessed to being shoppaholics. This is something that I am definitely not!
I often wonder how people can be so in to cloths. It might just be me but I have never been part of the 'in style.' But the strange thing is that I have noticed I start trends. Nothing crazy or really 'new' but in my 'I can't be bothered about fashion' I end up becoming 'fashionable.'

What prompted this post besides the bag girls was two girls on the bus today. They were clearly friends and in there late teens or early 20's. But both were wearing the exact same things, not brands but style. Both had jeggins on with flat knee high boots. Both were in long purple tops (different shades), both had fitted leather jackets on and designer bags. Even more ironic both were heading off to the mall.

So I am curious is most of people's debt consumer as with the case of girls I observe on the bus?

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  1. I was a spendthrift, but for years it was on my home my Children and then lately on my Grandchildren. For myself I don,t have a problem buying seconds at op shops or on Ebay.

    Debt no 1) My largest debt was for a credit card which I maxed out by bringing my MIL over from Scotland, when my Hubby got sick.
    Debt no 2) Was a fridge I took out on credit and was never in a financial position to pay it off.