General Goals 1) to be debt free in 3.5 years 2) save lots of money


24 in 2012, a Year's worth of Goals

When I was doing my 2011 goals I remember thinking that maybe 13 goals was to many. But in stead of stream lining it I assigned myself 24. Travel is a new subsection for me. I would like now that I have a car to start doing small weekend or day trips. Also it's the bicentennial anniversary of the War of 1812 between Canada and the USA. So I want to go see lots of re-enactment's.

1) Pay back money owed to Retirement fund $353.58
2) Pay off ALL OSAP by May 2012
3) Get cat fund up to $1,500 and keep it there for as long as possible
4) Save $700 in Christmas fund
5) Pay off $15,000 of Student debt (not including minimum payments)
6) Sort out cell phone 
-buy cell phone out right
-change cell providers
-get cheaper plan
7) Start stock portfolio

8) Get braces in January and pay for them in full in cash
9) Reduce ownership of Crap by 50% 
10) Write will and living will
11) Sort out American citizenship before April 2012
12) Read 12 books from Canada or Ontario History section of my Library
13) Decide if Accounting is for me
14) Change jobs for better pay within Company
15) Expand and dedicate more time to blog
- Finish blog conversion and change sites (No later then August)
-Network more with other bloggers (friends)
-Attend Canadian Personal Finance Conference 2012
16) No Macdonald's Fast food for 2012 (drinks excluded) [This is a joint venture with my BF]
17) Finish 2007 trip scrapbook
18) Renew sponsorship

19) Go to Salem Massachusetts with sister
20) Go to Fort York with BF
21) Go to Fort Erie with BF
22) Go to Niagara with BF
23) Go to Denver for Financial Blogging Conv. (I think)
24) Take an unplanned trip