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Thursday, February 2, 2012

De-clutter Challenge Week 1 Update

Toss: 5 + Donate: 5 + Sell: 0 = 10

Well I got started on my clean up.  I have cleaned my two shelves, cleared out the two boxes and my drawer set.

Shoes put away and the top shelf is clean(er) now

My tights drawer which now has two levels of containers packed with tights and knee highs   
The bottom drawer of my two drawer side table now has folded pj's in it

My Godmother was a vary fashionable person she had the same hat in 8 different colours 

My Godmother use to buy most of my cloths, we were about the same size.  It turns out she was also famous for  buying cloths and forgetting about then. Even from the grave she's clothing me, is that creepy?

Below is a picture of the space that use to house my steampunk stuff  and  since I cleaned the shelf   I had a place for it that wasn't on the floor. If you look behind the pink thing you can see the plastic clear box and the brass clock faces.

Steampunk stuff old location

No boxes at the foot of my bed

Empty boxes 

One clean desk drawer, 2 more still to go. 

Pens and such to be tossed out!

The other think I have done was clear out and put way the stuff that was in the flashy reusable bag. The only thing left to do are the last 2 drawers in my desk.

How is everyone else coming along??  Also what is you least favourite cleaning activity?? Mine is dusting the most pointless activity of all time in my option. 


  1. Great job!! I feels better to unload some things

  2. Awesome job! Look at all those berets!! lol! You have one for every day of the week! :)

  3. Nice job organizing! I love seeing those neatly arranged pens and highlighters... I must admit I keep pens here forever. I once ended up taking a grocery bag FULL of pens back to my workplace so we could use them there. They accumulate pretty quickly!

  4. I'll take dusting any day over cleaning under the stove and fridge - YUCK!!

  5. Comparing the before and after pics, everything is so neat and tidy and spacious. I love free space.

    You did a great job.

    Two things.

    1. Love those hats.
    2. How on earth do people end up with so many pens? I usually keep only two pens and I don't collect anymore until I lose one of the two I have.