General Goals 1) to be debt free in 3.5 years 2) save lots of money


This is an on going list of things I want to do before I die

1) Own 25,000 books to my name of which 97% I will have read
2) Travel to at least 100 countries (currently: 5)
3) Become Premier
4) Skate the whole of the Rideau Canal in Ottawa (Accomplished Jan 31, 2011)
5) Become debt free and stay debt free
6) Retire early so I can travel for my 'job'
7) Own a condo
8) Go to Antarctica
9) Travel to all the continents (currently: 3)
10) live in another country preferably Japan
11) Learn a trade
12) Read the Bible (cover to cover)
13) Read the Koran (cover to cover)
14) I will retire at 45 years old
15) Do City Chase
16) get on a plane and just go someplace with out any planning.
17) go dog sledding for a couple of nights.