General Goals 1) to be debt free in 3.5 years 2) save lots of money

Monday, October 31, 2011

weekly Spending Recap October 24-30 2011

As I mentioned before I am on a no spending week except for gas because I have money put a side for that. As it stands I have warn the shoes out twice now so I guess there not going back.  Its funny sometimes when you tell your story out loud someone helps to make it a bit better. I told my dad about the frost and my crash with a pillion and the next morning early in the morning my dad showed up at my mom's place before I had even got out of bed (6:45 am) and left me a snow brush with a scrapper. Isn't he wonderful!!

October 24
No Spending Day

October 25
10.92~ coffee Tree

October 26
No Spending Day

October 27
79.15~ shoes

October 28
$44.07~ dry cleaning (budgeted for and planed)

October 29
No Spending Day

October 30
No Spending Day

                        HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!!!

Friday, October 28, 2011

Murphy Came...

We battled, I won!

Yes after I declared no more spending for 7 days, Murphy showed up at my door not once but twice!

This morning when I got to my car it had frost on it. I thought I could just get by with the windshield fluid and wipers. As a drove to work it became increasingly clear to me that the more I spayed the more the window freezed over. The thing is I don't have a snow brush yet, after all I got my car in July, no snow. I pulled over to the side and popped my trunk to see what I could use to get the frost off.  There Murphy was waving at me and saying "Best go out and get a scrapper." I wasn't willing to be beat so I took the little funnel I keep in the back and did the best job I could scraping the frost off.

When I got to work I realized that the  lunch I had made last night and packed this morning I left at home. There he was again saying "you'll have to buy your lunch." I decided that I wasn't going to give in and to curve my desire I didn't go to the caff for lunch but sat at my desk. Often people will leave in the Kitchenette things that they don't want to eat, someone left an orange and a banana which had for the outside seen better days. So I had that and 1/2 a cookie a friend shared with me with two cups of tea. So I made it though the day.

Before I got home I picked up my dry cleaning which was a planed for expense. I had two coats that needed to be picked up and winter is coming.

The end result was Me 1, Murphy 0

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Confession Time

This past month I put 50$ a pay way to pay for the cost of my coat dry cleaning. This next month I am planing to put way 50$ a pay to get a few pieces of clothing. I need two pairs of shoes 1) Mary Jane style black shoes 2) knee-high healed black boots, a few tank-tops to go under sweeter tops and blouses. I didn't think I would be able to get the boots and the shoes under $100, but I was hoping to get close.

Here's the catch. Today I went into Winner's and found a pair of shoes that aren't Marry Jane's but close to it and I love them, but not the cost. I spent $79.15. Trust me I was suffering major buyer's regret. I have exactly $1.66 left in my account and I owe my car fund 50$.

Before I even paid I asked what the return policy was, I have up till January 5th to decide on keeping the shoes as long as they have not been warn outside.  So here's the thing I now have no money for 7 days until next Thursday which is pay day. So if I can get to the end of week with out spending a dime than I can keep the shoes and still have 50$ for the other stuff- IF I can last until pay day without any money.

This is to the new challenge: Get though 7 days without buying anything that isn't gas or cat related (already budgeted for).

Wish me luck, I am going to need it!

Monday, October 24, 2011

Weekly Spending Re-Cap October 17-23 and Getting Back on the Horse

October 17
$47.73 gas
October 18
$9.35~ sizzling wok
$6.08~ bellevue husky peter ( I have no idea what this was? o.O??)
October 19
No Spending day
October 20
No Spending day
October 21
7.72~ food
$28.24~ oil for oil change
October 22
No Spending day
October 23
$10.60~ extreme pita

54.99~ christmas gift for my sister

Jane mentioned that she had fallen off the band wagon and I confess I have a few days as well. Since today is Monday how about we refocuses and get back on that horse! Jane I am talking to you! Can we all recommit to that?

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Ramblings of a Girl at Work

This weekend is the Sewing and Craft show. I didn’t mention it to mom until last might. She was a little disappointed. I told her she could go today but she said she would rather paint her room. A good answer I thought. The truth is I have much too much in the way of unfinished projects and projects still to start, between beading, cross-stitching, scrapbooking and sewing. I didn’t really see the point in going.

I have to go through my cloths at some point and get rid of a lot of them. I hate doing it though. Since I haven’t changed in size since before 7th grade it seams silly to get rid of cloths that still fit. I have a nice figure (despite my slight muffin top) and many of the shifts and pants do little to accent it. Truth be told my wardroom needs a bit more updates, you can only look 15 in jeans and t-shift for so long before it gets a bit ridicules in a work and ‘adultish’ environment.   I also need to just take all my cloths out and refold and put back away. I have summer cloths and winter cloths all messed up together. So at some point I will have to take some time to sort thought cloths.

Yesterday before I wrote my blog post but after I got home I decided to recock the exterior door frame of the fount of the house. It needed to be done like 2 years ago but I didn’t realise it until this past summer.  During a heavily storm water started to pour though the interior wood door frame. I also have to re-due the cocking around the bath tubs and mom’s stand up show inside the house but that’s for another day. I don’t own the house but I seam to be the one that does most of the structural repairs. I want so badly to have a place of my own. How much I hate to be in debt. The sad part is I can’t honestly say I think it was worth it.  In this economy my education seams more like a liability than an asset.

PS: i'll post my spending recap later this evening

Saturday, October 22, 2011

The ABC's

I have been feeling a little down of late. Feeling as though I have stagnated myself. I was hoping that by taking my French class it would rejuvenate me and I guess of a while it did. Maybe I am feeling this way because every plan this weekend has gone to hell in a hand basket. Friday my friend decided he wanted to have an early night and ditched our plans together. Then I made plans with my mom who ditched me as well. A another friend called and said what you doing and since I had no real plans he said after he was done work he would swing by.  He went home to shower and promptly fell a sleep on his couch which was the end of getting together. And today my plan to hang with my mechanic and get the greatly needed oil change done on my car was laid to waste when times some how got crossed (though I don't know how it happened). As for tomorrow's plan we'll have to see how that goes. I am not even excited about the amount of my OSAP I will have paid off this month. I think I have got myself stuck in a rut and I am not sure how to get out of it.

A few bloggers have already done this and I thought it was a neat idea so I am copying it!

A-Age: 25
B-Bed Size - Twin

C-Chore you hate Dusting
D-Dogs I live with 2 dogs

E-Essential start to your day brushing my teeth

F-Favorite Colour- green
G-Gold or Silver white gold or silver

H-Height - 5' 2 1/2" (always dreamed of being 5' 5" feet, but never made it)

I- Interests reading, baking, finances, politics and history
J-Job Title- Licensed Insurance advisor

K-Kids no

L-Live In Toronto

M-Mothers Name   Annette

N-Nickname - to many to write

O-Overnight hospital stays so far, none!

P-Pet Peeves loud eating, nail clipping and people who don't signal when driving

Q-Quotes from films I don't really remember movies...I just enjoy them, while I'm watching them

R-Right or Left Handed left

S-Siblings 1 full sister, 3 step brother and I had a step sister.

T-Time you wake up - usually get up around 6:45am

U-Underwear umm...weird question... fitting??

V-Vegetables you hate beets, bustle sprouts, cabbage

W-What makes you run late traffic

X-X-Rays you’ve had teeth, knee, rear end.

Y-Yummy food that you make cookies, pies… I love to bake

Z-Zoo animals bungled tigers

Now I am off to do my scissors, I hope everyone is keeping up!

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Its Pay Day Today!

Pay Day is one of these strange creatures, where your never quite sure if your getting a head or catching up. Are you paying the bills that are due this month and thus catching up or are you paying for next month as I do with my basic cell phone plan.

One of the things about Pay Day is that I get to pay my funds money. Theoretically I am paying myself but I don't look at it that way. For example last night a friend asked if I wanted to go out grab a bit to eat. I explained that I had $3.00 left in my account, which is true. Three dollars was all that was left over from my allocated spending money. What I neglected to mention was that I had three to four grand saved up between my different funds. You see he wouldn't understand that, that money is for rainy days. I could lay out the "aren't I a better saver than him" because I know his financial  situation. In fact I will be creating his budget for him in an attempt to get him on a 'savings track'.  What I will say is if I had his cash flow my debt would be half to three quarters gone.

I could be in a worse situation. A lady at work this morning had just finished paying her bills and by the time she had done she had over drafted her account by more than $1700. I stopped over to say good morning to her and she mentioned it to me. I confess all I said to her was "well I guess its time to budget." Not the most considerate of things.

The point of this post incase you were wondering was to remind myself and you (if you need it) that everyone is in different places financially. But that you have to be humble and thankful for what you have accomplished and done thus far.

note: 3.00 snowflaked jar at: $520.16

Wednesday, October 19, 2011


I didn't do the scissors last night.. I know bad Sarah right. However I have a very good reason... I got food poisoning. My BF and I went out to the mall food course to have a late lunch and I decided to have Chinese. It started with a headache and it just got worst.  I decided to do the exercise in my dedication and it made it worse. I'll spare you the details but needless to say 11h of sleep and I am feeling so much better!!

Wish me luck for tonight!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

checking it

Sorry I haven't been around much its my 2 year anniversary on Monday with my BF. Checking in to see how everyone is doing... can you feel the burn I know I am!!

Sunday, October 16, 2011

2 Week Spending Re-Cap and the Beginning of a New You and Me

 Wow two weeks since I have done a spending re-cap, long over due.

Week 2
October 3
*** I am sure I bought something but can't remember what
October 4
No Spending Day
October 5
22.45~ Gas
October 6
21.46~ Pet stuff
48.58~ Cat food
October 7
20.00 apple picking
October 8
18.00~ blog registration
October 9
No Spend Day

Week 3
October 10
No Spend day
October 11
11.36~ Pharma plus
October 12
No Spend Day
October 13
No Spend Day
October 14
25.00 taxi on visa but money put a side forgot to add it!
October 15
$3.24 tim's
$17.78 restaurant
October 16
No Spend Day

And on to other news:
I hope everyone remembered that  today we start our scissors  activity. After I post this I am off to do my first night.

Let me know how you did on your first day, trust me you will fell it in the morning but its 100% worth it!! 

Friday, October 14, 2011

Do the Scissors: Part II

How to do it with a partner:
1) Find a partner and have then stand balance with the legs spread apart shoulder width
2) now take a pillow or a soft mat and lay it down underneath your bum and back for support

3) now lie flat on your back on top of that pillow or mat
4) lie with your head between their legs and nicely grab on to their ankles5) the person standing up should place their hands in front of them like a shield so they don't get kicked in the face or stomach
5) find a fast beat song that will keep you motivated and that you LIKE!!
6) This song will be the one song that you will use EVERY SINGE TINE YOU DO THIS ACTIVITY
7) flat on your back stick your legs up in the air and POINT YOUR TOES and CROSS YOUR LEGS (throughout this whole stretch your legs should always be crossing in the form of an X)
8) Once your song comes on start criss-crossing your legs and moving them up and down AT THE SAME TIME!!
10) you continue this activity until the song is done

Note: this way can be seen as being erotic depending on if its your BF or husband and if they like the view (just saying)!

Let me know if the instructions make sense!

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Coming Soon

I know I promised Part II of my scissors activity today. However I have received a few emails looking for clarification about the activity. I am postponing Part II on till tomorrow so that every one has a chance to read my response to them and get back to me if they have more clarification questions. In the mean time if my directs were clear for you, try and do a dry run of the activity only for a few sets so as to not over do it. But just so you feel convertible with my directs. I want to get all the kinks out before we start the fortnight activity, also for those that were asking fortnight means 14 days consecutively, 2 weeks basically.

Since tomorrow is Friday and I want to give at least a day after the Part II posting for any questions how does starting this Sunday sound to everyone? Let me know what you think!

Looking forward to stopping the 'muffin top'

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Do you do the Scissors? PART 1

I am so sorry this has taken so long to get out (Sorry Jane), I have been sick for a few days.

The other week I committed to stopping 'the muffin top.' To do this I decided to do the scissors. I am going to share the activity with you. The scissors is a dance move so its designed to help strangthen your core muscles. This activity can be done with a partner or alone.

If you do this alone:
1) find a large heavy precise of furniture (wood bed frame, couch ect.)
2) move anything that would impede your ability to lie flat party underneath the piece of furniture
3) find a fast beat song that will keep you motivated and that you LIKE!!
4) This song will be the one song that you will use EVERY SINGE TINE YOU DO THIS ACTIVITY
5) now take a pillow or a soft mat and lay it down underneath your bum and back for support
6) now lie flat on your back on top of that pillow or mat
7) place your hands on the ledge of that heavy piece of furniture to stabilize you through the rest of the activity
8) flat on your back stick your legs up in the air and POINT YOUR TOES and CROSS YOUR LEGS (throughout this whole stretch your legs should always be crossing in the form of an X)
9) Once your song comes on start criss-crossing your legs and moving them up and down AT THE SAME TIME!!
10) you continue this activity until the song is done

NOTE: you WILL feel pain (legs, stomach, rib cage) and you if your are out of shape you will have to stop several times though out the activity and huff and puff  though out it

GOAL 1: to be able to go though the whole song with out stopping or slowing down once
GOAL 2: to be able to do this activity several times in one sitting

RESULT: firmer thighs, tighter core muscles and a flat stomach.

PART 2: doing the scissors with a partner
Confession: I have fallen of the exercise band wagon. Does anyone what to commit to doing it with me every date for a fortnight to burn the 'Turkey muffin top' ? oh and the music of my choice Tubthuming by Chumbawamba.

Let me know of you the directions aren't clear enough.

Friday, October 7, 2011

IF I Move will you Follow?

First off I would like to say THANK YOU to everyone for congratuating me on hitting my Year 1 Goal. I am very happy about it. Though its strange because your the only person I have told... ah well such is life, family and money.

Lately I have been feeling like my blog needs an overhaul and in the process I have decided to change it to a different server. But I am terrified that if I do that,  everything I have build up here all my friends (YOU) will just disappear. It's because of YOU that I am able to stay motivated to meet my goals. Over this past 10 months  there have been lots of times I have wanted to just 'buy something new' like the time I priced out a new Mazda 2 but the whole time by blogging about it, you have all kept me honest with my self and my finances. Realizing Self has a great line she uses I think as her 'about me' its "My life and I... we're trying to make it work. Mine should be 'My finances and I... we're trying to make it work though blog counselling.' Actually that's kind of catchy maybe I will use it. Any ways the point is I don't want to lose all the friends that I have made though out this process, I just want to build on it.

On a different note, late night we had a provincial election and while the results were shocking to say the least, I had the change to work for the night for Elections Ontario. My job was to count the ballots in the advanced polls for my dad's riding. I think I made $60 for the night. Which I will likely deposit into my iphone fund. My phone is in desperate need of replacement I am just  hoping to have saved up enough money before it completely craps out on me.

PS: Jane I promise I will post about my scissors exercise tomorrow, I haven't forgotten.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Did I Make my Year One Debt Reduction Goal??

In September of last year I started this journey of debt elimination. At first it was on my own then after a while I found this great community of PF bloggers. This first year has been a crazy roller coaster. Thank you to everyone that has been riding it with me.

Last year I committed to having my debt paid off in 3.5 years. That means that Each year I have to have paid of at least $14,016.76 of my debt.

As of September last year I had $49,058.75 in debt including credit card debt.

The debt broke down as follows:

TD Line of Credit: $34, 380.81
OSAP: $13,058.00
Loans from friends: $727.41
TD Visa: $902.53

Today my debt stands at:

TD Line of Credit: $24,766.48
OSAP: $9, 462.71
Loans from friends: ZERO

Total out standing debt left: $34,229.19

Difference of $14,829.56 (49,085.75-34,229.19)

Did I make my year one debt reduction goal? YES!!!!

How about you?? Have you made significant debt reduction in year 1? 

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Changing Directions

September was my last month of interest only on my Line of Credit . I have now entered the principle + interest zone. I am not going to lie the idea freaks me out. As per my original plan once out of the interest only phase,  my LoC payment will be locked at the minimum payment. I am now focusing on my OSAP. Currently my OSAP is at $9,462.71. I want this sucker gone by MAY 2012 which gives me 8 months to get rid of it. I want OSAP gone so badly, you have no idea. 

Line of Credit Up Date for September :

August's balance on LoC: $-25,436.72

September 8: $290.14
September 8: $0.83 (snowflake)
September 22: $472

Total paid: $762.97

Amount paid after interested added: $  762.97 -92.73 = $670.24
Daily interest for the month of September $2.99
Total  monthly interest: $ 92.73

Current outstanding balance on LoC: $-24,766.48

Current $15,000 extra fund stands at $
7,619.86 + 670.24 =$8,290.10

Snow flaking Jar stands at: $493.13 +0.83+17.40+4.17+1.63=$517.16

PS: Did I hit my $14,016.78 of debt repayment in 1 year? coming tomorrow!
PSS: At Jane's request I will blog about my scissors exercise.  

Monday, October 3, 2011

Weekly Spending Re-Cap September 25- October 2

September 26
$18.86~ Gas

September 27
15.80 Can. Tire for rear window blade and car air freshener
$5 dollars cash

September 28
$9.24 Extreme Pita

September 29
No Spend Day

September 30
$20.00 from car fund to get window fixed
$11.95 service fees

September 31
No Spend Day

October 1
No Spend Day

October 2
No Spend Day

Saturday, October 1, 2011

I Have Fallen off the Bandwagon

Ever since I have had the internet I haven't quite got back up to speed on my posting. I think I've fallen out of habit, which is really not a good thing. I need to pull up my socks and get working because as a result of not posting regularly I also got lazzzzy with meeting my goals this month *hang head in shame.* So now that its a new month, its time to get back into the swing of things.

On another note, the other day I tried on a pair of pants and I muffin topped over them, don't laugh this is a big deal for me especial y because I haven't changed in weight, what it means is I am not active enough. So starting tonight I am going to do the scissors stretch once a day so as to get my torso back in to shape. I'm not kidding if your fighting the flabby stomach this is the exercise for you!

Monthly Goal Recap

September Goals: 

1) Mail funeral CD off EPIC FAIL
2) Finish insulation around windows DONE
3) Catalog books just put on shelves and removed form boxes EPIC FAIL
4) Empty boxes in my room and Em’s room SEMI DONE
5) Donate, Donate, Donate… 50 items DONE*
- Hardy Boy’s and Nancy Drew books to a friend *have to contact friend 
-other books to Thia’s Book Store  dropped off 1 box and 2 bags full
-slides to ETBO heritage slides got chucked 
-china dolls went to Good Will
-box of other stuff to good will try 7 boxes, yup all gone

October Goals

1) Mail Funeral CD
- find address
-mail CD
2) Catalogue books just put on shelf
3) Sort out more books to go to Thia's
4) Do 6 pages in scrapbook
5) Sort out OSAP, LoC and budgets
6) change backing accounts around and sign paper work
7) Get Hardy Boy's and Nancy Drew books to friend
-call friend to set up get together