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Friday, October 14, 2011

Do the Scissors: Part II

How to do it with a partner:
1) Find a partner and have then stand balance with the legs spread apart shoulder width
2) now take a pillow or a soft mat and lay it down underneath your bum and back for support

3) now lie flat on your back on top of that pillow or mat
4) lie with your head between their legs and nicely grab on to their ankles5) the person standing up should place their hands in front of them like a shield so they don't get kicked in the face or stomach
5) find a fast beat song that will keep you motivated and that you LIKE!!
6) This song will be the one song that you will use EVERY SINGE TINE YOU DO THIS ACTIVITY
7) flat on your back stick your legs up in the air and POINT YOUR TOES and CROSS YOUR LEGS (throughout this whole stretch your legs should always be crossing in the form of an X)
8) Once your song comes on start criss-crossing your legs and moving them up and down AT THE SAME TIME!!
10) you continue this activity until the song is done

Note: this way can be seen as being erotic depending on if its your BF or husband and if they like the view (just saying)!

Let me know if the instructions make sense!


  1. I think I might just stick to doing it on my own for now:) or I might get more exercise than I bargained for lol!

  2. Lol at the both of you and more exercise can be a good thing in more than one way.

    Great instructions Sarah. Thanks for sharing.