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Monday, October 31, 2011

weekly Spending Recap October 24-30 2011

As I mentioned before I am on a no spending week except for gas because I have money put a side for that. As it stands I have warn the shoes out twice now so I guess there not going back.  Its funny sometimes when you tell your story out loud someone helps to make it a bit better. I told my dad about the frost and my crash with a pillion and the next morning early in the morning my dad showed up at my mom's place before I had even got out of bed (6:45 am) and left me a snow brush with a scrapper. Isn't he wonderful!!

October 24
No Spending Day

October 25
10.92~ coffee Tree

October 26
No Spending Day

October 27
79.15~ shoes

October 28
$44.07~ dry cleaning (budgeted for and planed)

October 29
No Spending Day

October 30
No Spending Day

                        HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!!!


  1. Your dad loves you and doesn't want to see you get in an accident because you can't scrap the ice off. Good thing because there have been some frosty mornings lately.

  2. Definitely is a wonderful dad and you have practically made that no spend week.

    Pretty awesome.

    And I am happy you have a scraper now.

  3. Dads are wonderful! Mine always helped me with car concerns! And yup - those shoes are YOURS now lol!

  4. Don't you love little acts like those that just brighten up your day/week/month? Great job on the no-spend days, but don't go slacking off! We'll know if you've broken your pact of no-spend until your next pay date. Keep it going.

  5. My dad always surprises me with a little cash now and again. It is much appreciated. Good luck on your no spend week!