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Friday, October 28, 2011

Murphy Came...

We battled, I won!

Yes after I declared no more spending for 7 days, Murphy showed up at my door not once but twice!

This morning when I got to my car it had frost on it. I thought I could just get by with the windshield fluid and wipers. As a drove to work it became increasingly clear to me that the more I spayed the more the window freezed over. The thing is I don't have a snow brush yet, after all I got my car in July, no snow. I pulled over to the side and popped my trunk to see what I could use to get the frost off.  There Murphy was waving at me and saying "Best go out and get a scrapper." I wasn't willing to be beat so I took the little funnel I keep in the back and did the best job I could scraping the frost off.

When I got to work I realized that the  lunch I had made last night and packed this morning I left at home. There he was again saying "you'll have to buy your lunch." I decided that I wasn't going to give in and to curve my desire I didn't go to the caff for lunch but sat at my desk. Often people will leave in the Kitchenette things that they don't want to eat, someone left an orange and a banana which had for the outside seen better days. So I had that and 1/2 a cookie a friend shared with me with two cups of tea. So I made it though the day.

Before I got home I picked up my dry cleaning which was a planed for expense. I had two coats that needed to be picked up and winter is coming.

The end result was Me 1, Murphy 0


  1. Sarah: 1, Murphy: 0! Good job.
    (Ha, I actually typed that line before I read the full post.)

    Great job. Definitely keep it up. It is an interesting challenge to go without buying for any extended period of time, and you did very well!

  2. You did great! Both my husband and I try and keep a few cans of soup in our lockers in case this happens to us.

    And my son has also used a cd case to scrape his windows


  3. A credit card works wonders to scrape windows. It is actually the only good use for them. Good for you sticking to the plan, but I would so quickly have been at the snack machine.

  4. Well done!!! I use my (debit) cards to scrape the windows, they work really well, but I'm impressed with you not buying lunch, I'd proabably have caved and bought something.

  5. A funnel??? Lol.

    Murphy got his butt kicked by a funnel.

    You really want to make it through those seven days.

    Keep up the good work. Just try never to go extremely hungry for too long. That is never a good thing.

    You really are awesome.

  6. Sarah - I just kept spraying until the defroster killed the frost! I have a brush/scraper but it's not in the trunk yet - better do that today!
    Good job taming Murphy, I think the score should read Sarah 2, Murphy 0!
    And YES to the scissors in December!