General Goals 1) to be debt free in 3.5 years 2) save lots of money

Sunday, October 16, 2011

2 Week Spending Re-Cap and the Beginning of a New You and Me

 Wow two weeks since I have done a spending re-cap, long over due.

Week 2
October 3
*** I am sure I bought something but can't remember what
October 4
No Spending Day
October 5
22.45~ Gas
October 6
21.46~ Pet stuff
48.58~ Cat food
October 7
20.00 apple picking
October 8
18.00~ blog registration
October 9
No Spend Day

Week 3
October 10
No Spend day
October 11
11.36~ Pharma plus
October 12
No Spend Day
October 13
No Spend Day
October 14
25.00 taxi on visa but money put a side forgot to add it!
October 15
$3.24 tim's
$17.78 restaurant
October 16
No Spend Day

And on to other news:
I hope everyone remembered that  today we start our scissors  activity. After I post this I am off to do my first night.

Let me know how you did on your first day, trust me you will fell it in the morning but its 100% worth it!! 


  1. Aaaack I'm off to a bad start as I forgot yesterday! I rode my bike but forgot my scissors!! I am writing myself a note right now!

  2. You did very good on the spending over the two week period. I'm seeing a blog registration hmmm?

    Enjoy your exercising. Feel the burn :)

  3. Feeling the burn for sure. That hurts a LOT more on the second round than the first... glad my first try was Sunday evening before settling for the night, because otherwise, cleaning the house would've been such a painful experience. Just finished the second round, and it hurts. A bit disappointed I'm so out of shape and can't go too far just yet without stopping...

    Dont forget to stretch before it!