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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Do you do the Scissors? PART 1

I am so sorry this has taken so long to get out (Sorry Jane), I have been sick for a few days.

The other week I committed to stopping 'the muffin top.' To do this I decided to do the scissors. I am going to share the activity with you. The scissors is a dance move so its designed to help strangthen your core muscles. This activity can be done with a partner or alone.

If you do this alone:
1) find a large heavy precise of furniture (wood bed frame, couch ect.)
2) move anything that would impede your ability to lie flat party underneath the piece of furniture
3) find a fast beat song that will keep you motivated and that you LIKE!!
4) This song will be the one song that you will use EVERY SINGE TINE YOU DO THIS ACTIVITY
5) now take a pillow or a soft mat and lay it down underneath your bum and back for support
6) now lie flat on your back on top of that pillow or mat
7) place your hands on the ledge of that heavy piece of furniture to stabilize you through the rest of the activity
8) flat on your back stick your legs up in the air and POINT YOUR TOES and CROSS YOUR LEGS (throughout this whole stretch your legs should always be crossing in the form of an X)
9) Once your song comes on start criss-crossing your legs and moving them up and down AT THE SAME TIME!!
10) you continue this activity until the song is done

NOTE: you WILL feel pain (legs, stomach, rib cage) and you if your are out of shape you will have to stop several times though out the activity and huff and puff  though out it

GOAL 1: to be able to go though the whole song with out stopping or slowing down once
GOAL 2: to be able to do this activity several times in one sitting

RESULT: firmer thighs, tighter core muscles and a flat stomach.

PART 2: doing the scissors with a partner
Confession: I have fallen of the exercise band wagon. Does anyone what to commit to doing it with me every date for a fortnight to burn the 'Turkey muffin top' ? oh and the music of my choice Tubthuming by Chumbawamba.

Let me know of you the directions aren't clear enough.


  1. I'd love to join you on this, but the instructions are a bit obscure. Anyway there's a youtube video of it somewhere on the net? I looked it up but it didnt quite look like what you were talking about... it does help a lot to have a partner to hold yourself accountable. Though not sure what song I'd pick.

  2. I found your directions clear enough - THANK YOU! And yes, I will commit with you for a two week period - starting when?? Oh, and my song will be "I smile and wave" by the Headstones.

  3. I may have to try it once or twice but I'm really bad at motivating myself to exercise.

    Sorry to hear you were sick. Hope you are feeling better.