General Goals 1) to be debt free in 3.5 years 2) save lots of money

Saturday, December 31, 2011

I Outed Myself and Happy New Year

I have been meaning to write this post forever!!

 Last month I was at my BF’s house and was writing a post. Now you have to understand that for as long as I have been blogging up to that point I had never bothered to let him know I was blogging about finances. It’s very likely that he already knew, he’s most defiantly NOT a stupid man and I confess I didn’t work hard to hid it (I never cleared my mac’s history). Any ways he asked to use it while I was doing something else which of course I let him. Be fore I handed it over to him I cleared all the pages I had open so that he couldn’t see what I was working on (writing a post). A little while later I sat down and looked over at what he was working on. One of the internet tabs he had open was my blog. I asked him what that tab was and he casually replied ‘oh just something you must have had open’ Ok I know I closed everything, which means he didn’t want me to know that he was reading my blog secretly. It was time to come clean.

 My heart was razing honestly I was like confessing I had broken the window to my parents. So I said well do you know what it is, he said not really. I confessed “BF love, that’s my blog for the last year I have been blogging about my finances.” “Oh he said, you didn’t mention it sooner.” I confessed to him that I was worried about telling him. He said “why I already know everything anyways.” He’s right he does, I haven’t hid anything from him. Student debt has defined a large aspect of our relationship early on.
One of the reasons that I didn’t post much in November and early December I realized was because of this issue. I wasn’t 100% sure how comfortable I was with him having free access to the blog and with the possibility of having to censoring the things I blog about.   I think I am over it now and I feel much more at ease with things.

Actually I think one of the things that helped me was the talk we had this pass visit. My BF told me how vulnerable he felt within our relationship.  You see I know a lot about him, more so than anyone else. He told me that if I ever betrayed his trust he would have a very hard time not just trusting but opening up again to someone else in a relationship or in general. I am in the same place as he is there are many things that I have opened up to him about that I haven’t to anyone else about.
Now that I have ‘outed’ myself to the only person that it truly matter, for me to, I fell I can get back on the blogging bag wagon and make 2012 more successful for my blogging career what ever that means.

Friday, December 30, 2011

What is a Girl Todo?

Today I drove home from Port Hope and on the way I thought to myself 'did I pack my lap top?' Moment of freek out! As it turns out I left it at my BF's house... (thank God). However the down side is that my goals and other reports I have on it for Month and Year end updates won't happen until later next week :(

Also once again using the comp. at work I have limited access to post and comment. So frustrating.

Please bare will me while I sort out my lastest mess up!

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Weekly Spending Re-cap December 12-25

December 12
$18.53~ Walmart (photos)

December 13
$50.26~ Gas

December 14
Christmas Gift

December 15
No Spend Day

December 16
$45.72~ Gas
$26.54~ Gas

December 17
No Spend Day

December 18
No Spend Day

December 19
No Spend Day

December 20
$3.39~ Walmart (photos)

December 21
No Spend Day

December 22
Christmas Gfits
Stocking stuffers
$52. 55~ Bluenotes (cloths)

December 23
No Spend Day

December 24
No Spend Day

December 25
No Spend Day

* I am going to be away for a couple of days seeing my BF so I might not beable to blog until later this week. If not I hope everyone is enjoy the left overs and having lots of fun with our any pre-holiday stress!

Friday, December 23, 2011


First off I want to say thank you  to Travis my Secret Santa gift was lovely! It's a lovely black soft blanket! Oh and I can't forget he sent me a cat colouring book!! I think I might have been more excited about that then the blanket! No one sends 'adults' colouring books anymore and its a right shame!!

Second-although that's really not the right thing to call it- I would like to say thank you to Little Lamb who gave me a Blogging Award. THANK YOU! It was very kind of you to think of me and very mean of me not to knowledge  it sooner.

Since its Christmas I want to leave you with a little bit of Canadian Love. This gentleman did everything related to this video, and when I say everything, I MEAN EVERYTHING!! All the instruments, the video shooting and editing.

(PS: He has lovely green eyes)


Monday, December 19, 2011

How are You Coming with Christmas?

I know today is Sunday and normally I do my weekly Spending Updates. But I wanted to catch up with everyone today instead. I went to Michael's Crafts, that is a dangerous place to go into. I spent just over $200 of my Christmas bonus on scrap booking stuff.  The strange thing is that even though I spend a lot of money I have no buyers remorse. Remember the shoes I bought last October, I suffered buyers remorse then so I know what it feels like. I guess its because the last time I bought any scrap booking stuff was February 2010 when I was in Vancouver for the Olympics, I bought stuff for the event. I guess if you work out the math, the $209/22 months works out to be about $9.50 a month spent. I am ok with that.  I also bough stuff for my sister to use for her scrapbook as well, gata share the love :)

I got my Secret Santa card from Tanner! Thank you so much, I loved the card. My Secret Santa gift hasn't come in but I am still hopeful.

The tree is up, the lights outside are up and the house is decorated. I still have my brother's gift to get but other then that all I have left is rapping.  I am so on the ball its great, well I think I am. Ask me in  a few days when I'm surrounded by by raping and fighting the cats for the ribbon.

*I am having problems with blogspot so bare with me.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Weekly Spending Re-cap Nov 28-Dec 11, 2011

* I am so sorry its been so long since I have done a spending update! I feel so ashamed for being so lazzy!! I started this last night to post for Monday but the online banking site was down.

November 28
$2.75~ food
November 29
$98.08~ cell phone bill *on visa
November 30
(Christmas Gifts Budgeted fo)
December 1
Decmeber 2
December 3
$50.29~ gas
December 4
December 5
$7.93~ food
December 6
$3.38~ drink for mom
December 7
$14.11~ food
( Christmas Gifts Budgeted for)
$18.07~ cat litter
December 8
$4.07~ photos
December 9
$60~ Dentist x-rays * on visa
$2.86~ bagel
December 10
December 11

~ Man life gets expensive this time of the year.

Saturday, December 10, 2011


First off I have always wanted braces, since grade 7 when it was clear I needed them. The braces will fix my left canine tooth that is out of place and my left central incisor which is also out of place. Now realistically I could do nothing about it but I have always been self conscious about my teeth. I friend jokingly use to call me fang because when I smiled the canine sticks out and hangs over my lip. So I often avoid smiling. This past year I saved up to buy a car, so I know I can manage to pay about $3,000-4,000 with out it impacting my over all goals. I got a quote for 3,000 and he is willing to fix only what I want him to fix which is just my top teeth. My insurance will cover 50% up to a life time max of $2,500. I have decided that this year I am going to get braces. I am not going to get the invisalign; its just too costly. I am going to get the regular old metal ones. I think they are a good investment and will help improve myself image. I have decided that I am going to also do a fixable payment plan with the dentist because he offers 0% interest on the plan.

Cost brake down:
Estimate: $3,000
Insurance: 50% up too 2,500
Time line: 18 months to 2 years
Interest for payment plan: ZREO

Yesterday before work I drove down town to get a full xray of my teeth done. It cost me $60 and I am hoping the insurance will cover a chunk of it. I had to put it on my visa card because I didn't have the money budgeted for. But that's ok because by the end of the month it will all balance out.  January 25th I go for my first appointment to be fitted for braces. I am super excited!

Thursday, December 8, 2011

I Tried to be a Shopaholic....

I have just got back from 8h of non stop mall shopping. Mom wanted to get her shopping under way and pick up clothing for my sister and myself. For christmas from her I asked just for work related clothing and I needed a new pair of black high healed boots. We got my sister 3 pairs of pants and some other stuff, my stuff is a secret until Christmas. For mom she needed a cocktail dress for her work Christmas party, so we did a lot of looking around for that.

I discovered two things today.

FIRST: mom and I shop very differently! I go in a store,  see one or two things I try them on. If they fit I get them if not I am out of the store.  With mom first we started with 3 tops and before I knew it I was trying on 1/2 the store! It can get overwhelming but I mustered though.

SECOND: I am not a person that can shop for pleasure. Shopping for the sake of shopping does NOTHING for me!! I am amazed that there are so many people who find shopping fun.

Please if you are a reformed shopaholic or in remission please tell me what do you get out of it? Be as descriptive as you like because I just don't get it!

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Hello Hello!

Sorry I haven't been around much. Just haven't had much to talk about. Happily (I might just jinxes myself) nothing in the finances dptm  has been happening. Actually that's not exactly true. Yesterday at work we got the traditional white envelops. In the envelops dictates if and what raises are for the next year and bonuses.  The upside is I got both. The raise was measly but the bonus isn't bad; hopefully I'll get to keep some after the tax man has commeath.  I won't know how much of a hit I will have taken until tomorrow when payslips are out. Oh Bank how efficient you are! Actually I'll be happy with the bonus if I can keep 1/2 of it, because I have about that amount budgeted for.... I know a big no no in the PF world.

I'm so happy to have a budget. Because when the budget gets a large influx of money injected into it its very easy to let that money get frittered away. With a budget it will hopefully keep me on tack with my spending and really make the money mean something to my overall financial  outlook.

Friday, December 2, 2011

November OSAP and LoC Update

Since November has come and gone it's time to update my progress on my OSAP. I mentioned a while back that I over paid my LoC so that extra amount will be included in this total as well.

October's balance on OSAP: $7,712.67

November 9~ $165.59
November 9~ $19.17
November 18~ $84.33
November 25~ $550.00

Amount paid after interested added: $819.09-33.58= $785.21
Daily interest for the month of October: $1.10
Total  monthly interest: $ 33.58

% interest is calculated at: 5.5%

New OSAP balance: $6,921.75

Regular payment to LoC $250
Monthly Interest: $90.26
Amount after interest taken off and extra payment:
 $250- 90.26+250=409.74

Current $15,000 extra fund stands at: 

I am really happy with my OSAP number I was hoping to get it under 7,000 this past month even with interest added and I did. 
Time to up date the side bars!

Thursday, December 1, 2011

This and That...

Molly is back to her old self, Thank GOD! Colours (the white cat) not so sure about him have to talk to Grandma still about that one. After work I went out for dinner with a friend, his treat. By the time I got on my way home it was 5:30pm, and I hit the heart of GTA rush hour traffic. It was GROSS, I normally miss the brunt of it because I am done by 4 and at home 4:30-4:45pm depending on when I leave the office. Next week I am moving to a condensed work week 2-12am shifts 4 nights a week. I have yet to decide if I am going to enjoy this shift. I'm a morning person so the adjustment is going to be tough. But I am going to bring my scrap booking stuff and scrap book at my desk, best part of the job!

I spent the evening filing old monthly bills and budgets. One of those things that needs to get done when a quiet time comes around like tonight.  I put together my budget for this month, its a 3 pay month which is great. I need to dig myself up out of the mess that I made for myself last month with the accident and over paying my LoC. Because I over paid my LoC I had to put my cell phone in my visa so for the first time in several months I have had to budget money to cover the cost of my visa...sigh. As a result I will not get to put as much into my OSAP as I would have liked, most frustrating.

I have got my LoC numbers but not my OSAP numbers, I hope to have it by the end of tomorrow. So I cam update my side bars and blog about it tomorrow.