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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Hello Hello!

Sorry I haven't been around much. Just haven't had much to talk about. Happily (I might just jinxes myself) nothing in the finances dptm  has been happening. Actually that's not exactly true. Yesterday at work we got the traditional white envelops. In the envelops dictates if and what raises are for the next year and bonuses.  The upside is I got both. The raise was measly but the bonus isn't bad; hopefully I'll get to keep some after the tax man has commeath.  I won't know how much of a hit I will have taken until tomorrow when payslips are out. Oh Bank how efficient you are! Actually I'll be happy with the bonus if I can keep 1/2 of it, because I have about that amount budgeted for.... I know a big no no in the PF world.

I'm so happy to have a budget. Because when the budget gets a large influx of money injected into it its very easy to let that money get frittered away. With a budget it will hopefully keep me on tack with my spending and really make the money mean something to my overall financial  outlook.


  1. Very nice! Congrats on your promotion AND on getting a bonus. I think that's pretty neat. Budgets do help guide any extra income into something meaningful instead of using it up, just because it was unplanned. I do make the slight mistake of counting on unreliable sources of income (like bonuses), but oh well.

  2. No such thing as a bonus in the teaching world, unless you call the box of chocolates I get at Christmas from my students a bonus lol! Or the extra pound I gain!
    However, congratulations are in order and you are very deserving of both your bonus and your raise. Use it wisely!

  3. Hi Sarah! Just found your blog and subscribed =) Congrats on the raise & bonus and also I love having a budget too.

    Thank you SOOOOO much for the secret santa gift! I loved them BOTH! I'm going to blog about it soon once I find the time to take pics, hopefully this weekend. I hope you get your gift from your secret santa soon and happy holidays!!!

  4. Bonus is always nice no matter how much. Free money is free money in my books.