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Thursday, December 1, 2011

This and That...

Molly is back to her old self, Thank GOD! Colours (the white cat) not so sure about him have to talk to Grandma still about that one. After work I went out for dinner with a friend, his treat. By the time I got on my way home it was 5:30pm, and I hit the heart of GTA rush hour traffic. It was GROSS, I normally miss the brunt of it because I am done by 4 and at home 4:30-4:45pm depending on when I leave the office. Next week I am moving to a condensed work week 2-12am shifts 4 nights a week. I have yet to decide if I am going to enjoy this shift. I'm a morning person so the adjustment is going to be tough. But I am going to bring my scrap booking stuff and scrap book at my desk, best part of the job!

I spent the evening filing old monthly bills and budgets. One of those things that needs to get done when a quiet time comes around like tonight.  I put together my budget for this month, its a 3 pay month which is great. I need to dig myself up out of the mess that I made for myself last month with the accident and over paying my LoC. Because I over paid my LoC I had to put my cell phone in my visa so for the first time in several months I have had to budget money to cover the cost of my visa...sigh. As a result I will not get to put as much into my OSAP as I would have liked, most frustrating.

I have got my LoC numbers but not my OSAP numbers, I hope to have it by the end of tomorrow. So I cam update my side bars and blog about it tomorrow.


  1. That shift doesn't sound like too much fun.

  2. Good news for one cat and I hope Colours comes around to his old self soon.

    I actually work shift and one of my shifts is pretty close to the one you are working now. It is 3pm - 11pm. It isn't bad except for the Friday night which I was accustomed to being home for before. We work two totally different jobs though so it might affect you different.