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Friday, December 23, 2011


First off I want to say thank you  to Travis my Secret Santa gift was lovely! It's a lovely black soft blanket! Oh and I can't forget he sent me a cat colouring book!! I think I might have been more excited about that then the blanket! No one sends 'adults' colouring books anymore and its a right shame!!

Second-although that's really not the right thing to call it- I would like to say thank you to Little Lamb who gave me a Blogging Award. THANK YOU! It was very kind of you to think of me and very mean of me not to knowledge  it sooner.

Since its Christmas I want to leave you with a little bit of Canadian Love. This gentleman did everything related to this video, and when I say everything, I MEAN EVERYTHING!! All the instruments, the video shooting and editing.

(PS: He has lovely green eyes)



  1. Sarah, thanks so much for your lovely Christmas card, it was gorgeous!
    Have a wonderful Christmas!

  2. Hi Sarah, I'm glad you liked the blanket and the coloring book. :) I know it was supposed to be a "secret Santa" exchange, but since I mailed internationally the lovely folks at UPS weren't sure if it would clear customs if I put "Secret Santa" as the "from" person. Hope you had a GREAT Christmas!

  3. I loved everything about that video!! Yes, he does have lovely green eyes, I also love that he's wearing shorts out in the snow (so Canadian) and he's wearing red olympic mittens (I have a pair of those!)
    Hope your Christmas was lovely Sarah!