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Saturday, December 31, 2011

I Outed Myself and Happy New Year

I have been meaning to write this post forever!!

 Last month I was at my BF’s house and was writing a post. Now you have to understand that for as long as I have been blogging up to that point I had never bothered to let him know I was blogging about finances. It’s very likely that he already knew, he’s most defiantly NOT a stupid man and I confess I didn’t work hard to hid it (I never cleared my mac’s history). Any ways he asked to use it while I was doing something else which of course I let him. Be fore I handed it over to him I cleared all the pages I had open so that he couldn’t see what I was working on (writing a post). A little while later I sat down and looked over at what he was working on. One of the internet tabs he had open was my blog. I asked him what that tab was and he casually replied ‘oh just something you must have had open’ Ok I know I closed everything, which means he didn’t want me to know that he was reading my blog secretly. It was time to come clean.

 My heart was razing honestly I was like confessing I had broken the window to my parents. So I said well do you know what it is, he said not really. I confessed “BF love, that’s my blog for the last year I have been blogging about my finances.” “Oh he said, you didn’t mention it sooner.” I confessed to him that I was worried about telling him. He said “why I already know everything anyways.” He’s right he does, I haven’t hid anything from him. Student debt has defined a large aspect of our relationship early on.
One of the reasons that I didn’t post much in November and early December I realized was because of this issue. I wasn’t 100% sure how comfortable I was with him having free access to the blog and with the possibility of having to censoring the things I blog about.   I think I am over it now and I feel much more at ease with things.

Actually I think one of the things that helped me was the talk we had this pass visit. My BF told me how vulnerable he felt within our relationship.  You see I know a lot about him, more so than anyone else. He told me that if I ever betrayed his trust he would have a very hard time not just trusting but opening up again to someone else in a relationship or in general. I am in the same place as he is there are many things that I have opened up to him about that I haven’t to anyone else about.
Now that I have ‘outed’ myself to the only person that it truly matter, for me to, I fell I can get back on the blogging bag wagon and make 2012 more successful for my blogging career what ever that means.


  1. That's a pretty interesting story. Glad he's on board with you and this blog. Looking forward to your 2012 posts! Maybe he can even make some guest posts in the future, eh?

  2. Happy New Year Sarah!

    2012 is going to be awesome and I think the BF being aware of the blog and you accepting it is going to make it even more awesome.

    Tanner may be on to something as well :)