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Monday, December 19, 2011

How are You Coming with Christmas?

I know today is Sunday and normally I do my weekly Spending Updates. But I wanted to catch up with everyone today instead. I went to Michael's Crafts, that is a dangerous place to go into. I spent just over $200 of my Christmas bonus on scrap booking stuff.  The strange thing is that even though I spend a lot of money I have no buyers remorse. Remember the shoes I bought last October, I suffered buyers remorse then so I know what it feels like. I guess its because the last time I bought any scrap booking stuff was February 2010 when I was in Vancouver for the Olympics, I bought stuff for the event. I guess if you work out the math, the $209/22 months works out to be about $9.50 a month spent. I am ok with that.  I also bough stuff for my sister to use for her scrapbook as well, gata share the love :)

I got my Secret Santa card from Tanner! Thank you so much, I loved the card. My Secret Santa gift hasn't come in but I am still hopeful.

The tree is up, the lights outside are up and the house is decorated. I still have my brother's gift to get but other then that all I have left is rapping.  I am so on the ball its great, well I think I am. Ask me in  a few days when I'm surrounded by by raping and fighting the cats for the ribbon.

*I am having problems with blogspot so bare with me.

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