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Thursday, December 8, 2011

I Tried to be a Shopaholic....

I have just got back from 8h of non stop mall shopping. Mom wanted to get her shopping under way and pick up clothing for my sister and myself. For christmas from her I asked just for work related clothing and I needed a new pair of black high healed boots. We got my sister 3 pairs of pants and some other stuff, my stuff is a secret until Christmas. For mom she needed a cocktail dress for her work Christmas party, so we did a lot of looking around for that.

I discovered two things today.

FIRST: mom and I shop very differently! I go in a store,  see one or two things I try them on. If they fit I get them if not I am out of the store.  With mom first we started with 3 tops and before I knew it I was trying on 1/2 the store! It can get overwhelming but I mustered though.

SECOND: I am not a person that can shop for pleasure. Shopping for the sake of shopping does NOTHING for me!! I am amazed that there are so many people who find shopping fun.

Please if you are a reformed shopaholic or in remission please tell me what do you get out of it? Be as descriptive as you like because I just don't get it!


  1. I'm a reformed shopper. I only go if I really can't get out of it, usually DD nags me to go with her! I really find it unpleasant now,too many people too much noise, too many bright lights, and stores filled with stuff I don't need or want.

  2. Truthfully my husband is the shopper. I hate the mall and cant stand clothing stores, so I tend to get short tempered and everyone tells me to wait in the car

  3. I'm not a shopper at all. Apparently, I'm the only one like this besides my dad in our immediate/extended family. The moment I get into a store I want out. I have a post-it note list of what I want, and if it isnt there, I'm gone. People seem rather genuinely surprised that I can go to 5-7 stores and walk out of there with nothing.

  4. Haha it all comes down to each person. For myself, I grew up going shopping with my mom who sounds like the type of shopper your mom is. I watched her try on clothes and shoes and pretty soon I wanted to do the same. I grew out of it though and now when I go, I like to avoid crowds and try on items that I know I like, not just for the sake of trying them on. I hate waiting in lines and sales associates :P

  5. When my kids were younger it was just something to do to get out of the house. I would take them up to wal-mart and wander around for several hours buy a couple hundered dollars worth of stuff I didn't need, take them to McDonalds and go home. I don't do this anymore instead I drag them off to nature trails for hiking :) I think they liked the shopping better LOL :)

  6. Can't say I was ever a shopper, I usually go with a plan in mind and I am in and out. Internet shopping is probably a dream come true :)

    I do tend to wonder about looking at stuff one time every year and that is this time, Christmas. I usually just go with someone who is shopping and I pick up some stuff for the people I want to get gifts for. Shopping isn't the joy for be but because this is the only time of the year you can shop at night in our island I usually enjoy it.