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Friday, December 30, 2011

What is a Girl Todo?

Today I drove home from Port Hope and on the way I thought to myself 'did I pack my lap top?' Moment of freek out! As it turns out I left it at my BF's house... (thank God). However the down side is that my goals and other reports I have on it for Month and Year end updates won't happen until later next week :(

Also once again using the comp. at work I have limited access to post and comment. So frustrating.

Please bare will me while I sort out my lastest mess up!


  1. Hey, that's ok, we'll wait. Better later than never! Have lots of fun in the mean time. Happy New Year's.

  2. We are just so dependent on our technology now aren't we? I just couldn't exist without my laptop and now I can't exist without my iPad (yet I got along without one just a few weeks ago!!) Hope you get your laptop back SOON!

  3. I have no problem waiting. I'll read and enjoy whatever you post in the mean time.