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Friday, December 2, 2011

November OSAP and LoC Update

Since November has come and gone it's time to update my progress on my OSAP. I mentioned a while back that I over paid my LoC so that extra amount will be included in this total as well.

October's balance on OSAP: $7,712.67

November 9~ $165.59
November 9~ $19.17
November 18~ $84.33
November 25~ $550.00

Amount paid after interested added: $819.09-33.58= $785.21
Daily interest for the month of October: $1.10
Total  monthly interest: $ 33.58

% interest is calculated at: 5.5%

New OSAP balance: $6,921.75

Regular payment to LoC $250
Monthly Interest: $90.26
Amount after interest taken off and extra payment:
 $250- 90.26+250=409.74

Current $15,000 extra fund stands at: 

I am really happy with my OSAP number I was hoping to get it under 7,000 this past month even with interest added and I did. 
Time to up date the side bars!


  1. Doesn't it feel great to update the sidebars? I haven't done that for a while as it's a pain to do but it does help psychologically to keep me motivated.

  2. This is really awesome. I love to see your progress every month and the OSAP actually surprised me. It's so much lower now.

    Keep up the good work.