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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

I'm Tellin' Ya when it Rains it Pores

Last night I came home to find the bag of Denture Sticks ripped open, culprit; the white cat Colours. However once open the dogs had a feast. I suspect Molly had the most based on today. Molly slept with me last night and when I woke up I found bits of vomit and pee on my carpet. A little while later I realized that Molly was very sick. She had clearly eaten to much of a good thing and it was not sitting with her right. I called my grandma for advise, for all her faults when it comes to animals she's a wealth of knowledge. Her advise: Metamucil original, spoon it into her mouth and watch it work it's magic.

Do you know how difficult to get and expensive Metamucil is!
I'm standing in Lowblaws and they have berry flavour, citrus flavour and jumbo size. The highest cost going at  $25.99! CRAZY! And then there was the different kinds or variety, synthetic, natural, organic. I had to talk to pharmacist because I had no idea what the different kinds were. Turns out the stuff I wanted in a decent size and price was behind the counter! Its like they hide the reasonable stuff in an attempt to sell the over prised stuff.  *Light bulb* I bet that's exactly what they do!

It did the trick but let me tell you it wasn't pretty. I spent most of the morning and early afternoon cleaning up surprises.  

On top of that I tried another of Grandma's tips. To cure urinary track infections cook barley and feed the barley to the animal or drain the water off and provide the water for drinking. I am not sure how long I have to feed it to the cat (have to make another call to Grandma) but it went down well the first time. 

On a more positive side I got some christmas shopping done. But I am worried I am going though the money really fast I blew though 300$ today like it was nothing! And I still have to get my sister covered and my brother! My $800 is down to less then 1/2 *gulp.*

I did get my Secret Santa card and gift out. I really hope my Secret Santa gift doesn't get repossessed stolen in customs.   


  1. Oh my, poor Molly! Good thing Grandma knew what to do! You really are having quite the time of it these days. Hope your luck turns SOON!

  2. Oh no! At least you found the good stuff behind the counter. I hate when that happens.

    I gotta get my secret santa's gift too. I don't know what to get her!