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Monday, November 14, 2011

Weekly Spending Recap October 31- November 13 2011

 I didn't get a chance to do a spending recap last week so I am getting caught up.

October 31
NO Spend Day
November 1
$18.04~ Cat litter
$125~ Heart and Stroke Calendars
$25~ Heart and Stroke Calendars
November 2
No Spend Day
November 3
NO Spend Day
November 4
No Spend Day
November 5
No Spend Day
November 6
No Spend Day
November 7
$26.30~ Gas
$24.95~ Gas
November 8
$15.72~ shoppers Drug mart
$3.37~ Shoppers Drug mart
November 9
$3.94~ Anti-freeze windshield washer
November 10
No Spend Day
November 11
No Spend Day
November 12
No Spend Day
November 13
 No Spend Day

*My Spending looks so much better in a by-weekly format then it does in a weekly format. However not  doing the weekly spending recap is pure laziness on my part so I'll stick to weekly. 


  1. Holy moly look at all the No Spend days. Girl you put me to shame! I've gotten back in the bad habit of stopping at Timmy's every morning for a coffee. i did switch from an extra large to a large though saving me 20 cents a day lol! Work is the pits these days so it's a little incentive for me to drag myself in there everyday!

  2. Weekly or bi-weekly you still did awesome.