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Saturday, November 5, 2011

living in the Cool!

Its currently 65F in my house and I can't get the heat to turn on for some reason. So I have a blanket over my legs and a thick sweater. I just yanked the filter which needs to be replaced so hopefully without that blocking the air it will start to rise! Sarah says: rise air rise blow me over with HOT HOT AIR!!

There are lots of things I should be doing now but I am watching Independence Day a great movie! It just occurred to me that we own a 40' TV screen and I'm watching it on a 29' so next commercial I'm moving down stars. Large screen ~ I'm LOVIN' IT..... although I have a snug a bug cat on my lap!

In over news work has placed a back out period over any person booking vacation January and February. Which kills my hope of getting reading week off which means that Texas is out of the question, my road trip is shoot.  :(   I now have no idea what vacation I will book, I mean what's the point of going to a hot country in the middle of JULY! Arg! I am really upset but you know the part that gets me the most is I can't even book weekends off! WHY you ask? beets the heck out of me! But of course the Big Bank does its scheduling in India so no one is responsible or has the power to change anything! Arg... if only I wasn't in debt! Yup you heard it right debt keeps me tied to a job that tries hard to dictate my life, and the options out there are limited.

Ok enough of a rant on my end...

Life has its positive aspects. I need to focus on  the positive a little more.

Oh I promised Little Lamb I would spread the word about helping families! Carla's Half Dozen Daily is looking to raise money to buy farm animals. I actually have already done it! I bought my Grandma 3 agricultural packs for families to start farming from World Vision.  I have been debating about actually buying another one for my BF's parents. I am  big fan of this kind of charity its a tangible thing and it helps families for generations. As the old saying goes: give a man a fish feed him for a day, teach the man how to fish feed him for life!

So please help if you can help, if not pass the message on!


  1. Oh no! I hope your furnace starts working. That's way too cold!

    I'm watching "Confessions of a Shopaholic"! LOL

    That really stinks about the vacation freeze. Seems convenient they would do it when everyone will want to take it. That's not fair at all. Nice to know its run in India.

    Thanks for sharing the link!

    Enjoy your movie.

  2. I love Independence Day and those end of the world type movies. Wear a beanie, most of our heat is lost through the top of our head.
    hope the heater starts working soon!

  3. I hope your heat starts working..sending you good heating thoughts


  4. Oh Independence Day. That's a classic around my parents' house. Thinking good thoughts that your heater decides to start working!! We live in an apartment complex where the heat automatically get turns on in October, so we have the windows open.

  5. Independence Day is a classic.

    I am always amazed at how much are situations are alike. Right now at my current job they are also trying to dictate my life as well. Right now they are trying to agree to get us to work all bank holidays as normal and they have other plans in the works that impacts on my freedom. This is why I promise myself to always keep my finances in control so I wouldn't be stuck anywhere I don't want to be.

    Despite everything though, I have still started looking for someplace else to work, I've sent out one application so far and will be doing much more by year end. I may be trapped to a job but it doesn't have to be my current one.

    And I need to get on over to Carla and check on this donation thing. I am so far behind in the blogosphere.