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Thursday, November 24, 2011

Do you have a cat?

I have three cats. And one of them (I think) keeps peeing in my room on my cloths. The litter box is in my room so I can't make heads or tails of the situation. What I am most concerned  about is that the cat has a urinary track infection and ignoring it is the worst thing possible. But am I jumping to conclusions, has anyone deal with this before? My cat has been doing its on and off of a couple of months and every time seams to be different. When I researched it the article I read said that you had to treat every incident as an isolated event due to a different reason. But it happened yesterday and again today.  So I am wondering if I am ignoring a larger problem.

What do you think?

PS: Happy Thanksgiving!


  1. Is the cat a male or female and is it fixed? Could be a UTI but if it's a male it could be marking especially if it's not fixed. My nan's cat has to be on a special food because he is prone to UTI's.

  2. Are the clothes that he's peeing on clean or dirty? If dirty, he could be smelling your scent or one of your other cats and, as little lamb said, marking his territory.

    Or, alternatively, if all 3 cats are using the litter box, he/she may not feel comfortable going there as well (because it's maybe considered another cat's territory?).

    Cats also like to just sleep on clothes because it reminds them of you. Could be related to that? Best advice is to keep your clothes off the floor for a while and see if he/she still goes outside the litter box. And see a vet if it keeps happening.

  3. My cat had that problem and it WAS a urinary tract infection. It was NOT fun forcing a pill down her throat twice a day followed by a squirt of water but it did the trick. HOWEVER, it can also be a behavioral problem. My cat still does it once in a while but only ON something, like clothes so it could be an ownership thing. The only way to know is to get him checked out by a vet.