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Saturday, November 26, 2011


Disclaimer: I am not being paid for this article I am not getting any kick backs, this has been my experience and the views expressed are my own.

Tomorrow at 7:30 am it will be 1 week since I had my collision. As it stands my car has been in the shop almost 1 full week and in that time frame the flowing has been replaced or done to my car:

1)     3 new tires
2)     2 new rims
3)     1 new radiator
4)     1 new searing belt
5)     Front passengers wheel support straitened out
6)     Straightening out of the rad hose (might still need to be replaced)
7)     Wheel support welded together
8)     Complete realignment

After all the above has been done and the alignment results come back it will dictate if the car is safe again or if more work is needed.

At the time of my collision I though I had only broken 1 tire and a rim, I quickly discovered that I had two tires busted. It was not unit I was able to move the car off the golf course it was on, did realise that the radiator was leaking. And once I got it to the mechanic’s,  I realise the full extend of the damage that had happened. 

For a good 45 min I was stranded on the Green while I waited for my dad to come with a board to provide a base for the jack as the grass was too soft. In that time frame more then 20 cars drove by me. In fact one car even called the police stating a stolen car had been left on the Golf Course. But NO ONE STOPED. Not one person who passed and gocked at me stopped to ask if I was A) ok or B) needed help.

Now I am very lucky that I was not heart in anyway, had I been I very well would have been in worse shape as a result of waiting for assistance.
It quickly  became clear that with the leaking rad and a flat back tire the only thing I was going to be able to do was get the car off the Green and limp drive it slowly home. Lucky I live 5 mins away from where the collision happened. I still had the issue of getting it to the mechanic’s a full 30 min away. I called CAA. No questions asked no paper work to sign the guy came with the tow truck and even offered to give me a lift along the way. He dropped off the car and off he went. I never saw a bill nor was I even asked how I was going to pay for it.

Had I not had my dad to help me out I could have called CAA to help me fix the flat tires originally. In fact noticing that the back passenger’s tire was flat before even hocking the car to be towed, the tow man brought out his portable air machine and pumped the tire up “don’t need to cause any more damage” he commented. 

I have had my car less then 6 months and my CAA membership for 11. Within that short time frame I have used them twice. Last Sunday and this past summer to unlock a friend’s car; she had locked her keys in and herself out. I have not paid a dime nor has my use of the coverage ever been quested. Every time I have called in and I admit it’s only twice they have been friendly, understanding and very accommodating. CAA also has a system where they will text your cell phone to keep you up-to-date on when the tow truck or assistance will be arriving.

I knew having CAA was important but it truly did not hit home until last Sunday. Another great thing is that CAA while Canada wide has partnered with AAA (American Automotive Association) to help members who are traveling across the border.  You can stop in and flash your car to get free maps or local expert advice. Something my BF and I used on our crazy 5 state DC trip this past summer. They offer insurance from personal to pet and discounts at stores and hotels. Honestly I don’t think I will ever use every service they offer. But having this magic little card is worth the $180 I paid for my BF and mine. As a society we seam to have no problem forking over thousands of dollars each year to expensive trips, cars and other items, yet bulk at spending only a few hundred for the ‘just in case or what if’ times in our life.

I strongly recommend, encourage, force your hand to get CAA or its equivalent in your home country (Canada, USA, Britain, Zimbabwe, New Zealand, Philippines, South Africa, Singapore, Malaysia, Southern India, Australia, and the list goes on and on…)


  1. I think that will be my New Year's resolution this year Sarah - you've convinced me. The fact that we drive all the way to PEI and back should have been enough to get me to go with CAA. I had been leasing prior to this car and had the advantage of a GM card that covered tow trucks etc but don't have that anymore.
    Sorry for what you've been going through - cars sure are expensive! You're in one piece, however, and that's what truly matters.

  2. I can't believe no one stopped to see if anything was wrong. People are so caught up doing there own thing. This is a good reminder for me never to pass an accident on the street unless I see someone already there helping.

    The CAA sounds like an awesome investment. I can't argue against it.