General Goals 1) to be debt free in 3.5 years 2) save lots of money

Saturday, October 1, 2011

I Have Fallen off the Bandwagon

Ever since I have had the internet I haven't quite got back up to speed on my posting. I think I've fallen out of habit, which is really not a good thing. I need to pull up my socks and get working because as a result of not posting regularly I also got lazzzzy with meeting my goals this month *hang head in shame.* So now that its a new month, its time to get back into the swing of things.

On another note, the other day I tried on a pair of pants and I muffin topped over them, don't laugh this is a big deal for me especial y because I haven't changed in weight, what it means is I am not active enough. So starting tonight I am going to do the scissors stretch once a day so as to get my torso back in to shape. I'm not kidding if your fighting the flabby stomach this is the exercise for you!

Monthly Goal Recap

September Goals: 

1) Mail funeral CD off EPIC FAIL
2) Finish insulation around windows DONE
3) Catalog books just put on shelves and removed form boxes EPIC FAIL
4) Empty boxes in my room and Em’s room SEMI DONE
5) Donate, Donate, Donate… 50 items DONE*
- Hardy Boy’s and Nancy Drew books to a friend *have to contact friend 
-other books to Thia’s Book Store  dropped off 1 box and 2 bags full
-slides to ETBO heritage slides got chucked 
-china dolls went to Good Will
-box of other stuff to good will try 7 boxes, yup all gone

October Goals

1) Mail Funeral CD
- find address
-mail CD
2) Catalogue books just put on shelf
3) Sort out more books to go to Thia's
4) Do 6 pages in scrapbook
5) Sort out OSAP, LoC and budgets
6) change backing accounts around and sign paper work
7) Get Hardy Boy's and Nancy Drew books to friend
-call friend to set up get together


  1. Seems like we all have a little problem with procrastination.

    I think October will be a good month. I hope you achieve everything you set out to achieve.

  2. So speaking as a muffin topper also how do you do the scissors stretch??? Speaking of procrastinating I still haven't got myself back to to input my data - haven't used that site since JUNE!!!