General Goals 1) to be debt free in 3.5 years 2) save lots of money

Friday, September 30, 2011

The Power of 7

*sorry for the late post... I ment to post this yesterday and forgot.

7 Things I have done this year:
1. Got a car
2. Eliminated my visa debt
3. Completed my Duke of Ed
4. Got my LoC under $25,000.00
5. Build and completely funded Christmas fund 3 months before Christmas
6. Went to Cuba
7. Started French lessons

7 things I have left to do this year:
1. Make a Christmas list and star shopping before the rush
2. Change from paying down my LoC to OSAP and get 2500$ of it paid off before the end of the year
3. Continue to be vigilant in stopping the leaks in my budget
4. Pass French class not just in mark but be able to speak the language
5. Sort out vacation stuff
6. Figure out how to put money in to Shirli’s credit card
7. Start referring

7. Things to achieve in 2012
1. Pay off OSAP completely
2. De-clutter my life more
3. Decide about moving in with BF
4. Get LoC under $17,000
 5. Get cost for braces assessed and decided on doing them
6. Continue taking French and consider an upholstery course
7. Take 2 amazing vacations maybe Texas road trip and Japan or Israel


  1. You are really rolling right along with your goals and I LOVE how you are setting "personal" goals in addition to financial.

  2. Awesome year so far. Two months to go. When we do one of these in 2012 lets make sure it is even more awesome.

  3. Three months actually :)