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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Ponderings on Pay Day

Well its payday today. I felt so ‘up beat’ about my budget. Than a friend of mine called to confirm what it would cost to get my leaking window fixed, $100-200. Because he quoted me less he offered to help cover the cost if I made him pre-packaged dinners for a week or something. To be honest he’s in worse shape then I am, by his own choice but even so I would never ask him to cover me that way. I’ll likely make him some meals just as a thank you. Do you have any recipes for hearty meals that freeze well and can be easily heated up? The whole thing is just frustrating I feel like I will never get my Car fund complete. Especially with winter on its way, my car will need a winter tune up and an oil change.

On another note, I have been thinking of switching things up. I am thinking of moving to Word Press because the format is easier to work with. Every time I try to change anything on blogspot I get very frustrated. But this is the real question. If I switch over, I am thinking I will buy the site that is paying for my own web page. I have already looked into it CommonCents is already taken. So I need to find either a variation of my name or a completely different one. Any ideas?

PS the net should be back up and running at home by Tuesday of next week. I am so looking forward to having the net back… I have come to realize that I can live completely happy with out phone and cable but not so happy with out the net.


  1. I am of no help with recipes...Michael does all of the cooking around here. What about spelling "common" differently, like commin, commun, commen?

  2. I also find Blogger really difficult to comment on - it normally takes me 3 tries to get it working!

    Anything pasta-based is good for reheating - but just make sure there's extra sauce as it can dry out if there's not much. Try pasta bake, lasagne, spaghetti bolognese, or saucy stir frys. A drop of water can be added to rice and noodle-based dishes right before reheating if you're worried about them drying out.

  3. You know, I am probably one of the rare few but I've never had any problems with blogger but I know a lot of people use wordpress. I've never used it myself but it does look more streamlined and giving the whole set of problems you have been having I think it maybe a good move for you. I can't help you with the name. I'm horrible trying to come up with them.

  4. P.S

    You could always try or or .net

    One of those may be available.