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Friday, May 13, 2011

It's Friday

It’s Friday! A week has gone by and somehow I haven’t even blinked, yet! I work tomorrow so my weekend doesn’t start just yet. Sorry for being MIA. I spend Wednesday night with my BF who came down to see me yesterday I didn’t do anything exciting but catch up on blogs I had missed reading from the day before. I tried to post yesterday but Blogger must have been down, oh well.  My reading has been going slow as I have done very little all week. However I WILL get to page 360 by the end of the night even if it kills me! I had my first physio appointment this week. It was just the consultation it cost me $85.00 and was put on my visa card. When my reimbursement from my benefits comes in my outstanding balance on my visa will be $8.50. I have yet to sort out were the money is coming from but I’ll just have to adjust the budget a bit, no biggy. Frankly this is a long time coming and really should have been done months ago. What this means though is that its very likely I am not going to get a visa bill this month with a zero balance printed on it; because of the delay between putting the money on it and paying it off in full. This is the most depressing part.

Mom has been bringing up the issue of a car again. Now she is saying that she is willing to ‘top-up’ the amount that I save to cover the difference in the price of the car I buy. I have managed to delay her until the end of June; this will give me more time to save for the car. Also providing I don’t get fired for not passing my LLQP test at the end of this month, June is a 3 pay month for me. After paying my normal funds, buying my BF a B-day gift since it’s his birthday in June, what ever is left is going into my LoC. I have rough numbers of what my LoC will be by the end of June but nothing really concrete. What I do know is that if I have to add insurance on to my July budget the extra June pay will go a long way towards my end goals. Once I had insurance to my monthly budget I will not be able to put as much into my LoC. Sigh.

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