General Goals 1) to be debt free in 3.5 years 2) save lots of money

Thursday, May 19, 2011

To Share or Not to Share

Things at work are getting more interesting by the day. A guy in our department who I was friendly with as he say diagonally from me, got fired. Turns out he tried to fraud his own dptm and our ‘sister dptm’ I don’t know were he got off thinking he would be able to get away with it. He use to brag about frauding other banks to people on the floor. Another person I work with, who was hired the same time I was, has had several absents and been on short term disability. She was recently haled in to the Directors office to chat and hasn’t been seen from since. Let me explain the hierarchy in our dptm: agents (me), seniors, team managers, dptm manager and than the Director. So when the Director gets involved with the problems of agents you know there’s an issue. I am not someone who cares for office gossip. However since we have moved desks I am now sitting in an area that has a lot of visitors who like to chat.  

Anyways besides that I have finally fished reading the main book for my LLQP’s I now have case studies to go through and a lot of other stuff as well. I went for my second physio appointment on Tuesday; I need to actually start doing the stretches so that physio is of use to me. Recently I have felt that my budget is boring and automatic, maybe it’s because I didn’t hit my target last month with my LoC. Or it might be because I have had no life for most of this month and the last couple of weeks in April. I have done every little but work and go home and study. Even when I was in school I was so much more active. I feel like despite putting more than 50% of my income into student debt I am still not making the kind of progress that I want to me making on my Student debt. Everything seams to be in slow motion except time which seams to be rushing by. 

Yesterday I saw my BF. He recently got an iphone; I am envious because I really want one. You’re going to laugh when I tell you why. I want to be able to bank on my phone and keep all my accounts in order.  I currently bank on my ipod touch so it wouldn’t be much of stretch, do it on my phone. Any ways Scotia’s app now has a feature were you can add two cards to it. My BF wanted to add my card as well as his so that I could bank on his phone. I was ok with this. Then he wanted to know what the password was and if it was ok for him to know it. He actually already new the password I use it for another thing I have. I felt a little put in the spot though I know he didn’t intend to. In the end I related and told him. I had a feeling wash over me that I can’t really explain. I know where it stems from. If you can believe it I am quite secretive about the details of my finances. Not here of course but with my friends and family. I also have never shared anything like this with someone that I have dated. For my BF his parent’s finances are completely synced, every aspect of it there isn’t one thing that the other one doesn’t know about. And in his mind it is one of the things that despite all the hell they have been put through as a family has helped keep them together, since everything is so inter twined the act of separating would be so much work that it would have to be a truly permanent decision. My parents were the complete opposite. My dad and mom have always had separate account to my knowledge, while married. My dad even had a post box at our local post office that he would direct certain pieces of mail to. On the eve of there divorce my mom opened or found open a piece of mail that showed my dad has $80,000 in investments which he hadn’t devolved through the course of there 15 year marriage.  There are lots of stories that this that go back and forth depending on whose view of the divorce you take.  Given that I grew up in a money secretive family I am by nature secretive when it comes to money. So giving my BF access to my accounts like that is a huge step for me. And he doesn’t have access to all my accounts just ones at Scotia. However that is my main bank and most of my accounts are with them.


  1. That is a HUGE step! I keep everything totally separate from Michael's acc't. I got burned once by a BF and since then have kept things totally to myself, can't help it!

  2. oh wow! Ya that happened to my Aunt her X-husband wiped 28,000 out of their account and took off. He's still wanted in Canada, which is why he's never stepped foot back on canadian soil.

  3. Sarah I would rather cut off my right hand than give anybody my banking details, even The Foxx. I,ll just bet you were put on the spot, how brave of you.

  4. I felt very put on the spot. But I understand where he is coming from.