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Friday, December 17, 2010

Blog design.. assitance

I am currently at work and sighed on to read another person's blog and to post I had to sigh into mine. I got a good look at it from a PC computer perspective and it was really difficult to read so I changed the back ground again. What do you think, does this make it easier to read? Please let me know because I can't tell and I just want it to be legible even if that means its simple in design. Today has been a slow day at work well this evening last. I decided to write out my goals/ new years resolutions for next year. Is it to early to post these kinds of things considering we are only 1/2 way though December? I don't know how I am going to post them. I was hoping to do tabs as some other blogs have them and I think that's a great idea for organization. But I can't seam to find them and every time I try, I mess up the look and layout of my blog. So if anyone who is more competent than me knows how to add the taps please let me know other wise I will have to come up with another solution to post my 2011 goals.

I figured it out!!! I am so excited!!!


  1. I,m a complete novice on the blogging front, so I,m really impressed by your taps.

    If you have organised your budget then why not post it, I,m still struggling with mine, off to read yours now.

  2. Oops you hav,nt done it yet my mistake, by the way I have never had an issue reading your blog.

  3. Thanks!! Ya I am going to post them this next week. I have to made the final list. Thanks for letting me know about how the blog reads I never know how other people see it.