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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

When Life Gets in the Way Episode II

On Christmas eve I noticed that Max (cat #2) was sneezing a lot. I don't know if you have ever seen a cat sneeze but it is really cute. However when boxing day evening rolled around he had become a lot worse and he was being very ani-social. That night we decided that he had to go to the vets. So first thing we did on the 27th was take him into the vet's office. You will notice that my Cat fund has dropped to $53. This is because the vet bill cost me $146.92. I am so glad that I started this fund, though I wish I had had more of a buffer within it.  In March both cats are going in for annual physicals. This will be min.  of $150 for each cat, likely a lot more for Max because he is likely very out of date for his shots.

To night since Christmas is completely over and I do not need to get anymore gifts I transferred the $100 from my Christmas fund into my vacation fund. My vacation fund now sits at $311.52.

I checked my chequeings account and it is currently at $455.13 which means that Ally have not taken out the cheque that I wrote them. This is a problem for me as tomorrow is pay day and I have no idea how much will be left in my account to snowflake the money. I am going to have to call them tomorrow as having money in this account completely messes up the system.


  1. Nothing worse than someone messing up the system. I say that because almost two weeks down the track and I still dont have a PIN number for my ATM card, so I can imagine your frustrations with Ally.

    Poor little cat, I bet he,s glad you had a cat fund, maybe with both cats having to go back to the vet shortly you should have put your extra Christmas money into their fund.

  2. I thought of that, but the reason that I didn't do that was because by the time the apptms come around I should be up and running again with enough to cover the cost. As long and my math works out and I snow flake it at worst.