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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

I feel angry with: VISA!!

Today I got my visa bill in the mail. I opened it and read the little VISA message: Dear sir/madam we did not receive a payment from you last month. As such if you do not pay the mount specified your interest payment will go up to 26.99%.

HOLD ON!!! I know I paid more the than the minimum last month. I have even talked about it on this blog as to why I am paying the amount that I am each month. So I called and this is what the guy said to me: On it shows in our system that you made the payment on the 6th and your bill is printed on the 9th thus your payment counts towards your October bill and not your November bill. 3 days!!! I was off by 3 days and all the guy had to say was Sorry *shrug* not well lets see if it can be changed or how can we correct this for the next time, NOPE just sorry in the flat-line tone of I don't care I am just saying sorry because I have to. I told him not to apologize since I knew he didn't mean it and it makes me more upset.

Missing a payment affect my credit rating and it pisses me off!! I am working so hard and Make Sure I am on Top of Everything!!! I pay everything from my first monthly pay that way I know its paid. So that if anything happens at least the basics are covered the first time around.

What scared me the most after I got off the phone with him was that I might had done the same this month. I paid visa out of my last pay. I called them back a second time to make sure 100% that my payment this month went in on THIS bill pay period.

The second lady I talked to at visa was really nice and very helpful. Here's what happened I paid the payment from my other bank on the 6th but it was not posted to my visa until the 9th. However even though my last statement expired on the 8th of November and the new statement was printed on the 9th, because the payment was made on the 9th it comes down to the hours. If the payment was posted before in the early hours of Nov. 9th and the bill was printed a few hours after the payment was posted then it's counted on the Oct. bill and not the Nov. bill. Personally for a computer technically I think the Card Centre agents at Visa should have the ability to say ya its a technical glitch on the computer side we can manually change it. Sadly the second agent was powerless. I was fruitless in my endeavour to get it sorted out. She did give me some good news but until I verify it I'm not going to share it just yet. And frankly the good news is pittance in comparison to the sting I feel over this situation.


  1. Sucks doesent it, you just dont seem to be able to win with the big banks, they hold all the keys.

    Remember me saying about my ATM card well my new one arrived Monday in the mail, however I,m still waiting for my PIN number.

    It,s getting dangerously close to Christmas and I cant get money out of my bank.

  2. That's crazy I would be on the phone to them hollering and demanding my pin!!! I can't believe they didn't send you that with the card what a lot of crap!!

  3. Can you switch the balance to another card? 27% is a lot.

    I like PC Financial MC...

  4. 27% is a lot and no I can't switch it... sigh... Its ok though, this is the first and the last non pre-paid card I will ever have.