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Thursday, December 16, 2010

HST Cheque and Dilemma Solved

Today I deposited my HST cheque in to my TD line of credit. As such it currently stand at $-32,989.02. This number will be old in another 24h. I'm a little frustrated with work. Normally we get out pay stubs about 1 to 1 1/2 weeks before pay day. Only this time we won't get them until tomorrow which is pay day. The problem is with out exact figures my ability to budget it hindered. I know that I will know by tomorrow but I always like to know way before pay day. Another thing I was thinking about was that many PF bloggers post their bi-weekly budget. I haven't done that yet but I have been debating about doing it. Also many PF bloogers post there weekly spending and no spending days. I haven't done this because most of my days are no spend days. I don't have the same kind of over heads that come with having families. But I have been thinking that it might be good to start doing it for accountability. We'll have to see with this coming pay.

I have also decided what do do about my dilemma from yesterday. Because the amount that is going to be transferred from my chequeings account into my TD line of credit and because I put the $100 HST cheque into it today, I am just going to transfer the money left over into my vacation fund.

Since tomorrow is pay day I have made the transactions that said I would earlier this week.The following is a mount transferred in to the respective funds.

Car fund: $20.09
Vacation fund: $37.98
TD line of credit: $100.00

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  1. Sarah my boss is such a disaster that sometimes we get 3 payslips come all at the same time.
    This is so frustrating if there is overtime worked as, he is notoriously slack at paying it out. So we girls have taken to writing out pages of hours worked just in case he has made a mistake. There is nothing worse than having to go cap in hand to ask for your own money to be paid to you.

    Like you I spend no money most days, but I still track it, fore armed is fore warned.