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Monday, February 28, 2011

Back to Reality

Yesterday I got back from Cuba. I had a lovely time and I came back with money in my pocket, which makes me very HAPPY!! After getting off the plane I got back to reality. I went to the bank traded money around, paid bills and picked up my BF at the airport who spend the past 10 days in Newfoundland.  I also have just set up my 'The What if...Fund'. This fund is basically designed to be an in between fund for things that come up that are just A) oops forgot to put money aside for this or B) money has not been budgeted for this but I want it/need it or C) something needs to get fixed. Option C is currently in effect as my sewing machine is in repair.

Bi-Weekly Budget

                                               Amount: $1,093.89
                                               Amount after ING: $1,043.82 ($-25)

Retirement fund: $50.00
Storage unit $75.00
TD Line of credit: $300.00
Xmas Fund: $80.00
Cat fund: $100.00
Cell phone: $94.86
Car Fund: $50.00
Visa: $50.00
Cat food fund: $10.00
Emergency Fund: $25.00
The What If… fund: $10.00
Licensing fee: $50.00
OSAP: $82.55
Spending money: $67.00

Two Week Spending Recap Feb 14-27, 2011

February 14 (Monday)
$-17.91 Cineplex
February 15 (Tuesday)
$-24.00 for Transit Tickets
February 16 (Wednesday)
No Spend Day
February 17 (Thursday)
No Spend Day
February 18 (Friday)
No Spend Day
February 19 (Saturday)
$-168.37 self store fee for march
February 20 (Sunday)
 $23 budgeted, $13 spent
February 21 (Monday)
$70 budgeted, $30 spent
February 22 (Tuesday)
$60 budgeted, $29 spent
February 23 (Wednesday)
 $60 budgeted, $23 spent 
February 24 (Thursday)
$80 budgeted, $69 spent
$25.00 to retirement fund
February 25 (Friday)
$80 budgeted, no idea who much was left over/ spent
$-2.00 for a tea at the airport
February 26 (Saturday)
$-94.64 Roger’s bill
$-50.00 for visa bill
February 27 (Sunday)
$-7.55 Go train ticket from Whitby to Toronto 

I took $500 cash as my spending money for Cuba. After converting it I got $457.35 CUC back. Through out the week I budgeted $23, $60, $70 and $80 depending on the day. I never once spent the full amount on any given day. As such after paying my exit tax ($25.00) and converting my money back from CUC to Canadian dollars I had left Cuba with $205.00 in my pocket. I debated what to do with it. In the end I have decided to use it to pay for the repairs on my sewing machine and for my Anime North ticket. This way I can 1) finish my Halloween costume for reuse at Anime North and 2) pay for my ticket with out affecting my March budget. 

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  1. And to think that you were dreading the trip, and it,s been such a success for you.
    you have blown your budget clean out the water, what an awesome result.
    I,m feeling this is going to be such a great year.