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Friday, February 18, 2011

Bus News Brings You: Inspiration

Yesterday on my commute home the first bus I take was in an collision. I am fine (in case you were wondering), the bus is fine and everything was ok I just got home late. Actually it wasn't even the Driver's fault, the lady rear-ended him. Any ways for the purpose of this story I am going to call the Diver Tej.

Today after work I got on the bus and Tej was driving again I asked him what happened with the lady and the collision as we got chatting we moved on to other things. We started onto the topic of debt and I told him I was working on paying down my student debt. He told me that 4 years ago he had over $108,000 in debt. I asked him how and he told me had had made the stupid move of lending a friend $45,000 and this friend promptly took off on him to the UK. So between that money he owed the bank, credit card debt, OSAP debt because his wife was in school and other's it came to a whopping $108,000. Tej told me that today he has only 45,000 left to go to pay it all back. So in the last 4 years while still paying his bills, rearing 3 young girls and with a mortgage he has managed to pay off over 1/2 the money. For a while he worked 3 jobs and slept about 4h a night.

I think Tej is a real success story. And even though he has not paid it all off he has come a long way. After all he could have taken the easy way out- declared bankruptcy and still been able to keep his house.

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  1. Now that is a man with a strong motive, good for him.

    glad to hear you and Tej are O.K.