General Goals 1) to be debt free in 3.5 years 2) save lots of money

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Final Evaluation on 2011 Goals

    2011 Goals/ New Years Resolutions    

1) Pay off $15,000 of Student debt (not including minimum payments). I set this goal with no real plan in mind on how I was going to get it accomplished. I just set it and thought I’ll make it happen. In total I paid off $12,665.74 and bought a car and than paid $1300 to fix the car, so I am happy with my progress given the fact I had no real plan at the beginning of the year. ACOMPLISHED

2) Get a second job (preferably by March) [second job started in June ended in August]  Since June I have had 3 jobs (Stats Can, Elections Canada and now I am refereeing. So I would say this goal was ACCOMPLISHED

3) Invest 6% of my income into company stock (6%= $2,142 roughly) I have contributed since Feb. $1,890.29 and my Company has contributed $919.66. In total I have $2,809.95 invested in Company stock.  ACCOMPLISHED

4) Create and fund Christmas fund 2011 to the amount of $800 (Done sept.8th) ACCOMPLISHED

5) Cut cell phone bill in half (preferably by the end of January.) This goal has been on hold until I buy a new phone outright. I won't sign a three year contract just to cut down the cost of my bill.  ON HOLD

6) Order my credit score ACCOMPLISHED IN JULY 


1) Read 50 books I already own. The reason for this goal was to stop my book buying and increase my book reading. While at Uni. I had a heard time reading for pleasure but my book buying never slowed down and I realized I owned more books I hadn’t read then I had read. In total I read 42 books last year of one form or another. Some weren’t mine but they were books that I didn’t buy.  Since I bought so few books last year and read way more I think this goal was ACCOMPLISHED

2) Get my Gold Duke of Ed Award ACCOMPLISHED IN DECEMBER 

3) Catalogue and count books June 9th, 976 books (few on loan might still need to be added to count). This goal I thought was completed but than I found 5 boxes of books in the garage that I had forgotten about. Some of those books I donated and others I kept. Of the ones I have kept I still have 3 book shelves that have not been cataloged, because I have been lazy. IN PROGRESS

4) Finish/ start Europe/UK scrap book I started the scrapbook but have not finished it. I do it at work at my desk while doing my 2-12am shifts. I have done all of Scotland and currently I am working on England.  IN PROGRESS 

5) Find a way to put $100 into Shirli's visa card.   I wasn’t able to put the money directly into her visa card because of privacy. So I settled on having a draft written up in her name. The draft has been made the letter written and dropped in the mail.  ACCOMPLISHED

6) Get my knee sorted out

7) Reduce ownership of Crap by 50% AND try to remove one full row of shelving in room, to reduce space for more stuff. I have gone though a lot of stuff (china dolls, books, cloths ect.) and donated most of it.  But more can always be done.  IN PROGRESS

 Total: 13
Accomplished: 8
In Progress: 3
On Hold: 1
Fail: 1

Over all I am happy with the success. Now that its 2012 time to update the goals page and get busy on my new goals.

What do you think??


  1. You did good! I hope 2012 is great for you.

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  3. Wow, You have come so far! This will be a great year for you as you continue to hack away at debt. Good going Sarah!

  4. I'm now doing some catch up on your blog so I am starting here and going forward. It goes without saying but I personally think you did awesome in 2011.

    You own a LOT of books. That's an unbelievable amount to me.