General Goals 1) to be debt free in 3.5 years 2) save lots of money

Thursday, January 19, 2012

I think I am Cracking!

I think I am cracking under the pressure of my budget and its not even the end of the month. I spent to much money yesterday. Yesterday I drove downtown to go to a jewellery and watch store that is closing in the spring....

Don't worry I didn't buy anything from them!

Afterwards I did a run to Good will. Last Sunday mom and I started on the basement. One car load of stuff gone and more still to go though. After dropping stuff off at their drop centre I decided to go in. That mushroomed in to a 4h hunt. I went to one place after another and spent money on clocks, and other trinkets. I have been slowly getting in to the hobby of Steampunk  I like the idea of the challenge and the fact that its all based around one of my favourite time period in history is a bonus! Than last night I was looking at patterns and I found the most lovely dress pattern! I want it so badly! Let me show you:

Don't you think it's lovely!!! And how amazing would it look on!! It's only $19 which is exactly the balance in my chequing account.


My mom's birthday is today and I'm paying for  myself, my sister and my mom to go to a movie which is never cheep!  Truth is I didn't budget for it and that's just bad planning on my part.

Here's the thing by the end of this month I will have put over 1100$ into student debt which is great but also very suffocating. I am starting to resent being on such a tight budget. I want to be able to buy the pattern and the material without even thinking about it.

I keep telling myself that its short term pain for long term gain. But I feel like its not short enough.  This summer is coming up and while I don't have any large trips planed there are lots of little trips I want to do with my BF and other people. I just don't want to feel as though I can't take them.

Mom says she's worried that after I am done paying of my student debt that I will be to ridge with my money because I'll be so use to it by then. She thinks that I might make it impossible for another person or significant other to live with me as a result. With the way I am feeling I don't know if that's possible. I really want to take next pay's money that's allocated for OSAP and get just blow it on the pattern and material.

La sigh.....

On a more positive note my BF now 'follows me'  *giggle* and he's also commented on one of my posts  you can read the post and the comment here. It's a serial but good feeling to know he's 'following me' lol


  1. Love love love that dress!!!!

  2. Well you should always have a little fun money around. The pattern sounds doable but the fabric would be costly for that dress but you could buy it over a couple of months. OR, be like me and throw caution to the wind once in awhile. I bought an iPad without saving up for it and paid for it by decreasing the amount of $$ I put on my Line of Credit. Not entirely sensible but you gotta let loose once in awhile!

  3. That is quite a fancy piece. And I agree, 'fun'/uncharted money is a must. I bundle mine with my 'personal' allowance, and use it how I want it, usually going out or buying toilettries. The darn things can get expensive, but I don't need to buy new ones every month, so it works out.

  4. Oh I'm certainly here! Commenting whenever I feel it is appropriate! Like right now :)

    Looking forward to future posts!

  5. I know exactly how it feels to be cracking. I think Jane put it best though. Sometimes you have to let loose. Just make sure you keep track of your letting loose and keep it in check.

    It is a possibility that you could be rigid after paying off your loans but I think you will handle it just fine. Once you have a plan and don't over stress, things will be just fine.