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Saturday, January 7, 2012

Why no contract?

 I have been asked why a 'no contract phone'? There are 100 reasons why I refuse to ever be tired to a contract but what it comes down to is I don't like the way phone reps treat people with contracts. Let me tell you the service I have had since my contract expired has improved 100% to when I was on a contract. It's because they know that they have you by the jugular. Every simple thing is like pulling teeth. I am just not interested in it any more. As for why a cell phone? It’s my only oral contact with my BF. Everyone in my family has a cell phone and we have talked about canceling our house phone because no one picks it up or calls us on it except tel-marketers. However it's on contract as well and to get out of the contract is 400$. Everyone has my cell number including work, it's the only contact number work has to get a hold of me. I am just not willing to cut myself off from things and that's why I have a cell phone. As for the prepay option the rates aren't worth it. My BF and I spend on average 500min a month not including text talking to each other and the plan that I have and will always have allows for unlimited talk Canada wide to my fav 10ppl which he is one of them. It's a great plan, it was WONDERFUL! when I was in Vancouver and had school problems to sort out, my Uni was on my 10 list. I hate the constant rule changes that goes on when you call in because you were told one thing but it turns out they have changed the rules and you can't do that with 'your plan.' I hate the fact that when you sign up for a contract your credit score takes a hit, and I really can't afford that hit at this point in time. 

There are lots more reason's but I want to leave you with this last one. Read the article that was in the Toronto Star this morning about how unhelpful being in a contract can be:

"This week, he called the Bell World store where he bought the $200 phone with a three-year rate plan on Dec. 19.
His saleslady agreed to change the number while he waited. She suggested asking Bell Mobility to waive the usual $20 fee.
Bell refused to waive the fee. A supervisor ended the call in under a minute, saying there was no point in talking.
“The supervisor denied any culpability for assigning the contact number for a prostitute to an 11-year-old,” says Luke.
“Anyone could have texted her number with words or images — and she would be charged for the incoming calls.
“I am angry with Bell, not for doing something wrong but for failing to make it right. What is this teaching a little girl when a big corporation looks at her as though she didn’t exist? How can they spout policy to a child?”

To large cooperate companies no one truly exists your just a number on a 3 year contract. I refuse to be subjected to that again.

As Andrea would say "I am just so over phone contracts!"

Feel free to disagree with me, phones are one of those things that everyone has a differnt pinion on basied on their experiences.

Are you still on contract? Will you sign another contract once your's is up? Or did you switch to pre-pay, why?


  1. Totally agree with you on contracts! I'm on prepay and wouldn't have it any other way. When you sign a contract, you're essentially giving up part of your freedom - the freedom to change providers/plans as you please. I don't have a landline either. If I used my phone for calling as much as you, I'd probably move to a no-contract plan as well, but I mainly just txt so no reason just now.

  2. Well lucky for me I have a corporate rate through the school board I work for so have no complaints, my bill is only $35.00/month.

  3. BF here!

    Sarah's feelings toward mobile phone contracts is something that I can personally vouch for. I've heard her time and time again denouncing her agreement she signed with Rogers, and since its now expired, I know its only a matter of time until she gets things in line and starts saving herself some money each month.

    Myself, I am simply counting down the days until I'm free from my contract as well. August of this year cannot come fast enough. As it gets nearer, I'll start shopping around for better rate plans and better service.

    You see for me, its not a matter of cost. I have a pretty decent plan that doesn't cost me an unreasonable amount. So the only reason I'll switch is if I can find a plan with another company that offers me the same things for the same price. And the reason I'll change is because certain places I visit regularly aren't properly serviced by Rogers.

    But who knows? Nothing is set in stone yet. I just know that because I bought my current phone outright from the manufacturer, I will be able to use the services of any Canadian mobile phone company whenever I choose to switch.

    Anyways, I think this'll do for my first rant on Sarah's blog. Hope people read and enjoyed my two cents!

  4. I've had a one year contract once and that was when I signed up for a bill plan in 2010. It didn't come with a handset or anything but it is the plan I am currently using and it is working out great for me. I am now free from the contract but it doesn't change much for me.

    Things where I live are quite different, there isn't much competition or anything so customer service doesn't improve much. They have only just started selling phones on contracts where I live as well(like last year) so this is a new thing for my country.

    In your situation, I can totally see being contract free a humongous asset. When you are in a contract they don't have to care what happens but as soon as you are free to drop them, they become a whole not nicer.

    I can understand if you choose to remain contract free but I think the biggest advantage of being contract free is bargaining. My advice would be too use it to your advantage and see what is the best deal you can get. You might be able to land a pretty sweet deal even though it might be on contract, you could try to negotiate for a one year contract. My one year contract worked out great and now I have an awesome plan contract free. I didn't even notice when the year was up.

    In the end the choice is yours so do what works best for you. If you are in fact fully against contracts, don't go back into any.