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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

My New Tittle

Do you remember this show? I never really got into it. But its a good name for me. I got my first row of braces on my top teeth today. In a few weeks after the Dentist figures out how to fit the bottom row on my  teeth I will get the second set.  The first bill was $500 which I expected to put on my credit card and than when the insurance kicked in, in a few weeks pay it off with what was returned to me and the difference coming out of my dental fund. This didn't happen. If you look to the right you will notice that I have a note under my Other Funds section. This note says:  Dentist fund owes the Vet bill fund $15.00. Between the time that I went for my first appointment and my appointment today the dentist stopped excepting credit cards unless the client excepts the 2% charge that the credit card company charges the merchant for the use of service. So since I didn't have exactly $500 floating around in my chequing account I asked the receptionist to use her computer to move money around. I took the full amount from the Vet bills account for simplicity and when I got home I moved the money from the dentist account to pay the vet bills account back. Without the insurance money I am am a bit short and now owe my Vet bills account 15$. Ah the joy of juggling accounts and money. 

I will say though that its a good thing I can type because I am still learning how talk with these things on. 

PS: today my sister got her braces off, ironic eh!


  1. The best thing is you had the money to move around. Warning take two tylenol or something because your mouth and jaw are going to be killing you tomorrow

  2. @Judy You are so right, thank goodness I had it but it was a panic for a bit because my local bank is not in the area and I don't have access to net on my black berry... another good reason to upgrade to the iphone for unexpected situations like this one!

  3. Yes thankfully you did have the money to move and didn't have to pay that surcharge!

    Hope you adjust well to your new "bling" :)

  4. I remember that show. I should have had braces but never did. Hope you get used to them soon enough! How long do you have to use them for?

  5. @Tanner at this point its 18 months -2 years but it depends on how the process goes.

  6. So many young adults getting braces these days. It's a brave step but you'll be so happy in the end:) I checked my defuzzer and it doesn't say anything on it - I've had it for years and years and almost 100% certain I got it from a Regal catalogue. They have a website and I think stores in Toronto. (
    Do you have the phone number I need for the Royal Bank head office re pension? Thanks

  7. LOL I remember braceface, and I had braces at the time. I am actually thinking of getting braces again! Good luck and take painkillers after you get them tightened. That always helped me :)

  8. I've never heard of braceface but I assume it is a show to help children feel like braces are cool.

    Like everyone else said, it's good you had the money to move around. Even if you owe one fun it shows that you have good money management skills. I see nothing wrong with borrowing from one fund in certain situations.

    Also you are right. A smartphone is a blessing in such situations. I love being able to pay bills or just do transfers on the go.

    2 years will go by quickly.