General Goals 1) to be debt free in 3.5 years 2) save lots of money

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Bi-Weekly Finances and Funds

  Monthly Pay 1st Pay 2nd Pay ActualBill
    1,027 1,084  
Catigories MFA Amount Amount  
TD Line of Credit 907.55 407.55 500 113
OSAP 117.45 117.45 0 117.45
Visa Card 0 0 25  
Retirment Fund 50 25 25 50
Emergancy Fund 50 25 25 50
Christmas Fund 80 40 40 80
Storage Unit 0 0 0 0
Cat Fund 100 0 100 100
Cat Food Fund 40 20 20 40
Condo Fund 0 0 0 0
Vacation Fund 0 0 0 0
What if... Fund 134.45 134.45 45* 134.45
Cell phone 100 50 50 79.38
Car Fund 100 120.28 179.44 299.72
Comp Stock 164.32 82.16 90.38 172.54
Spending Money 150 75 75 150

* Means that I put the money into my Xmas fund to help replenish it but was not originally mend for fund

I decided to write my post on blogspot but it didn’t save it… how upsetting is that! So I am going to try and recreate was I had written, I promise you my last post was whyter than this

You will notice that there is a discrepancy within my budgets. This is because my Company stock is taken off my pay before I get it, so even thought I budget for it and include it in my total cost my take home pay is the amount after the stock contribution has been added. I hope that makes sense.

The other thing you will notice is that with pay #2 my take home pay went up this is because of the 10% extra for taking the flex shift. However what they did was treat it as thought I got a 10% raise which resulted in an increase in my CPP, IE and Company stock contribution. This makes my actual difference in pay work out to be like $60.

You will also notice that I only put $500 in to my LoC and 25$ in to my visa. This is for the first installment to pay for my referring course that I put on my visa. The course cost $96.05. Thus $96.05-25= $71.05 is out standing on my visa. As well, I put $59.00 on my visa for the tank of gas. I have paid some of this off already 59.00-2.57-20.62= $35.81. Thus in total my current outstanding visa bill balance is 71.05+35.81= $106.86. I will reduce this amount by snowflaking and regular payments before the end of the month.
This month is a 3 pay month for me which is wonderful! I also plan to make up the difference of the $25 to my LoC next pay. I had hoped use the ‘extra’ month’s pay to put a large chunk on my LoC but that will likely not happen. My BP’s parents and I spit the cost of personalized license plates for him and that cost will come out of June’s 3rd pay. I also need to top-up my car fund and put money aside for the car I will likely have to rent next month to get up to the camping trip.

I mentioned before that I need specific work items, mostly shoes but I need a black pencil skirt as well. I have a whole bunch of neat knee high stockings that I want to be able to wear but don’t have the right skirt for. I was waiting for the bus and I saw a girl wearing the perfect skirt. So I asked her were she got it. I don’t like mall shopping I am a purpose shopper; pick up what I need and leave. It was funny because the next Q that never left my lips was ‘how much?’ I looked it up on line and the skirt is under $25 which is perfect because the idea of spending more makes me ill. So I think I am going to pick up the skirt sometime this week, paid for out of my spending money form this pay.

Bills paid for the month:
Visa~ $48.19
Cell phone~ $79.38
OSAP~ $117.45

No to shabby considering that we are under a postal strike, though the only thing I haven’t got as of yet is my visa bill. And I talk to TD regularly so no biggy.
I have updated all the funds and side bars except for my Christmas fund. It will stay stagnant until the amount owing is back to zero.

I don’t know how to say this because “I noticed or I just realized” doesn’t sound quite right. But I still owe money to my retirement fund. I would hate to have the amount still outstanding being carried over into the New Year (2012), so I am going to slowly work on snowflaking that down to Zero, once I am done with my Xmas fund.

I think about explains everything. If you have any Q’s just drop me a line.


  1. I love extra pay months too! Not sure what we'll do with any "extra" yet... Savings I hope! Great find on the skirt! $25 isn't bad at all! :)

  2. Everything seems to be going good so keep it up.