General Goals 1) to be debt free in 3.5 years 2) save lots of money

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Weekly Spending Re-Cap

June 13 (Monday)

No Spend Day
 June 14 (Tuesday)
$6.78 Dolleramma for Bday/ father’s day card and candy 

$17.90 Shoppers drug mart

June 15 (Wednesday)
$ 59.00 First tank of gas for road trip (this is cheep Canada style lol) 

$1.49 Lucky charm bar (snack)
$3.50 drinks
$20.00 dinner at cracker barrel (with out tip)

June 16 (Thursday) 
$6.00 USB charger
$25.00 Breakfast at Bob Evens (with trip)
$1.01 Penny flattener
$1.01 Penny flattener
$20.15 Personal Finance book
$4.46~ 267 inner-state toll road
$53.00 gas and drink

June 17 (Friday) 
$25.00 breakfast at Cracker barrel (with tip)
$3.17 peg game
$0.44 stamp for postcard 
$22.25 gas in  Ohio
$25.00 Ihop dinner (with tip)
$19.00 Woodheaven Gift Shop

June 18 (Saturday)
No Spend Day

June 19 (Sunday)
No Spend Day

I snow flaked $2.57 that was left over from last pay into my visa card. 2.57+ 341.82 = $344.39 in snowflakes. Cell bill paid 100-79.38= 20.62 added to visa bill 344.39+ 20.62= $365.01 in snowflake jar.

visa bill~ $59.00-2.57-20.62= $35.81 left outstanding on visa bill still to be paid off.

If you get the chance read this article its really interesting:


  1. You are doing really great with your spending, snow flaking and debt reduction. Keep it up.

    I read the 6 points at the bottom of the article as I was scanning it. Interesting. I'll try to read the full thing.

  2. Ok, I gotta ask - what is a penny flattener??

  3. I am not sure if its the 'official' tittle of it but you find them all over the pace at tourist attractions. You put 1$ in and than a penny and it flattens the penny and imprints the attraction on it. I have a lot of them and love to collect them, it's cheep souvenir, but a fun one.