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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Weekly Money Check-Up May 23- May 30 AND The Perils of a Bad Day

Today has been a most disappointing day.  So I thought I would give the insurance series a brake for today and catch up on the regular things that I post about.

I didn’t pass my insurance test and I have a lot of stuff coming up this next month and the month after. So now everything is going to be so packed and messed up its such a… disappointment. I was so upset about my test that I decided I would walk off my funk. And that with the last $20.43 left of my spending money for this past pay I would seek to add books to my collection. Second hand books that I am missing and if I couldn’t find anything I would deposit the $20.43 into TD either my LoC or my visa.  I walked from The Museum Station to Christie Station (20 blocks). I went in to 4 different second hand book stores and one vender on the street and none had the books I was looking for. I was looking for Sir Oliver Mowat biography, Idiot’s Guide to Personal Finance for 20’s & 30’s and books form two young teen series. I even went in to Toronto’s best know second hand kids book store and nothing. I also only found one TD bank  along the strip and when I got there it had closed. So I am still sitting with $20.43 in my pocket and nothing to cheer me up. If ever there was a day to say in bed and hide under the covers, today was it.

Since I had no luck finding books. Tomorrow when I do my banking I am going to deposit $13.25 into my visa to cover the rest of the via ticket I put in my visa and the rest will go into my LoC, I think, unless I just put the whole amount in to my visa I haven’t decided yet. Oh and I called TD to get my LoC update I will do a post later this week about that. 

Weekly Spending Re-cap

May 23 (Monday)
No Spend Day

May 24 (Tuesday)
No Spend Day

May 25 (Wednesday)
No Spend Day

May 26 (Thursday)
No Spend day

May 27(Friday)
$18.84 hair cut
$307.90 (withdrawn)*

May 28 (Saturday)
AN11 *

May 29 (Sunday)

May 30 (Monday)
$16.00 taxi
$28.25 via rail ticket
$20.00 transit tokens

*All the money spent for AN11 was planed spending and taken from What If Fund and what ever was left of my allocated $75 spending in my checking’s account.  


  1. Aww sorry to hear the test didn't go well. Or the book shopping. Hopefully tomorrow holds many things that bring good cheer and big smiles for you. Hugs!

  2. You haven't failed, you just haven't passed yet. Don't let it keep you down too long. Disappointment should only last long enough to motivate you to go forward. Take some time, think about what is next, and go for it with with everything you are.