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Sunday, June 5, 2011

To Toss/ Donate Or to do a Garage Sale, That is the Question

Today while I was trying to study Mom came home form church and basically screamed. She was frustrated that Em had no do the things she had promised mom she would do yesterday. One was clean up the mess she made in the living room over the last week putting together a project. EM of course decided not to do it yesterday and had a friend over instead. Mom had been out and I was at work so no one was around to monitor it getting done, now my sister is 17 1/2 and really should NOT NEED to have some monitor her ability to get stuff done, but that's not the reality. I understand Mom's frustration with Em I agree she should have done it yesterday and while we all hate the screaming it does seam to be the only way to get Em to do things.

When mom walked though the door she had a picture and a metal shelf unit in her hand I groaned more shit  my world for stuff). In the back of the car are light pumpkin things for Halloween. She had stopped off at content sale and also picked up another rug. Mom is frustrated because our house and garage is over flowing with crap and I am just as frustrated. Earlier this week mom and I had a fight over the state of the garage. I wanted to toss most of the stuff out she thinks we should sell it. I don't know when she thinks that's going to happen. The garage is full of furniture what she wants to keep. She says she's keeping because she wants to take it up north to her other place, however NOTHING has made it up north and most of it is broken or was bought will good intentions and never used.

Besides that 2 years ago when my Aunt died we cleared out her apartment and all the boxes are down stars (a few are in the storage unit). Than in March 2010 my Aunt Carm moved in with use for a couple of months and lots of her stuff came but didn't leave with her. Than in the end of April 2010 I moved home.

In our garage we have: 1 full sized kitchen table, 1 broken dinning room table, 8 dinning room chairs, 2 random chairs form a dinning room set we don't have, an elliptical machine, a stationary bike, a coat rack, a side table, a base of a table but no top to it. Boxes of shoes, a set of 3 end tables, 2 lamps, 1 lamp shade, 4 winter tires that were form her old car, a printer that doesn't work, left over laminate flooring boxes, an old solid wood (read: weights 150 pounds) secretary desk, a computer cupboard, 2 sets of golf clubs (only mom plays), a rocking chair, my aunt's recliner sitting/ smoking chair, a full set of 12 dishes never opened and these are only the things I can actually see. We have so much furniture we could furnish a 4th house. There is a multitude of shit that is on the second level shelves that are boxes that I can't even get too.

I currently rent a storage unit to store the stuff I came on with from university because we can't fit it into our garage at $180 a month. Which also has two full sized fining cabinets that are Mom's and a full double bed, sold wood bed room set which I want to get rid of.

Don't even get me started on the china we have in our basement!! We have 4 full tea sets, please tell me why someone needs 4 tea sets!!

She is frustrated with the clutter and so am I, last week we had a fight over the state of the house which is full and the garage. I begged her to let me get rid of stuff, she wants to do a garage sale I want to put it out at the front of the house and let it go. She refused and stormed off in a huff after threatening to kick me out. I was so up set with her I put my Aunt's recliner sitting/ smoking chair out on the front of the house and I put two under the bed draws (from the garage), a fountain that came with my Aunt Carm's house and never left, two pictures and a stain glass window my X-bf's mom gave me. I never like it, gave me bad vibes. My sister claimed one of the pictures and I put out an old computer chair.

Than Terry a friend of Mom's stopped by (just now) to drop off 'collectables for up north', I grounded again. I flat out told Terry that she was NOT to bring anything else!! We already have Terry's Aunt's blanket book in our spare bedroom. Now I can hear her telling Terry and another friend  how overwhelmed she is with it all and in the next breath talking about buying something else for the house, furniture wise. What bother's me the most about it all is she has made no attempt to sort and toss. AND every time I try,  I get "no, no we can sell it in a garage sale OR no, I am want to take it up north."

After our fight today I once again begged her to let me toss crap out of the garage. She had finally relented  on specific items.***I am HOLDING HER TO IT*** I know that if we put some of the things on Creg's list we might get some money for it, specifically the secretary's desk. However its barred under the 8 dining room chairs, the busted dinning room table and the full sized kitchen table. I am just not interested in the excuses any more. I think I am at a point were I will take all the screaming and yelling AFTER I have tossed the crap out.

Today while I was popper scooping I kept repeating to myself "I will cut my crap by 50%." I never want to have my house look like mom's (over furnished and lots of china and 'collectables'), we have two full china cabinets. I want to add to my 2011 Goal to reduce my crap by 50% but I have quite a few other goals that I am afraid I am over doing it. I think I will add it and see how much progress I make on it, than add it to next years goals.

Last Thursday mom told she put her self down on a wait list of a 3 bedroom apartment in an adult living
complex. I was not happy with her about this. Because she often yells at me that I make plans and don't 'consult her about them' and I think this is one hell of a plan that should have required a family pow wow. She tried to justify it to me by saying that it took 2 years for the last one to come on the market, but that doesn't mean another one will take 2 years. When I asked her why she wanted a 3 bedroom place if she expected to be the only one moving in to it she said 1) to sleep 2) office 3) guest bedroom. She also thinks that I will have paid everything off by than and be in my 'own' place.  Trust me I would love this to be the case!! But I know having it paid off in 3.5 is a lofty goal, there is no way that it will happen in 2. Unless I change jobs and get a better paying one. Which if I don't pass this exam I might just be looking for.

I was suppose to be studying all day but its 5: 30 pm and I haven't even been able to crack the books... the last 5 1/2 h have been spend dealing with the house and mom. And now this post, I need to get this off my chest.

Thanks for listening. I hope your Sunday has been a less frustrating compared to mine!

On a side note: I snow flaked 2.05+0.45 into house fund, snowflake jar at: $341.82.


  1. I hope you were able to carve out some time for studying.

    I remember the frustrations of living at home when I moved back. Not that I had the issues that you have at all. Hopefully things smooth out soon for you!

  2. It's hard to concentrate when you have lots of other distractions on your mind. I personally hate lots of clutter, my mom has two living room suites and I think the extra one takes up too much space already as we hardly use it.

    My situation doesn't begin to scratch at yours but I can still imagine how you feel.

    I hope your evening was much better. The arguments will come and go. Just always remember, in the end, everything belongs to your mom, the house and all the junk, weather she uses it or not is her choice so just try to live around it even if it is hard, just until you can get your own place and then arrange it how you like.

    Last thing, when deciding what to do with junk, anything I can't sell or donate easily and quickly, I just toss.

  3. Thank you little lamb and rafiki!