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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Mini holiday

My BF's birthday is the June 16th. I booked the 16th and 17th off and work has given me as my 'weekend' the 14th and 15th since I worked last weekend and this coming weekend. So I am off for a mini holiday with my BF starting tonight. You will notice that I have a note beside my Xmas fund that I owe it $250. This is because to pay for this trip without affecting everything else I took the money out of the least 'essential fund' what I mean is Christmas is still 6 months away. Any ways I am not worried about paying it back as I will have all of it but $30 paid back before the end of the month. And I will snowflake the extra money to make up for everything. When I get back I will post about my monthly budget because I didn't do one for last pay. So I am going to do the two together. This is shaping up to be another expensive month...sigh...

Any ways enjoy the next couple of days! I will look for ward to catching up with your blogs when I get back!


  1. Enjoy your mini vacation :)

    I think borrowing from the xmas fund was a great idea.

  2. Sounds like you thought it through and have a plan in place. Nice job! Now go have fun and forget about it :)

  3. Sounds like fun! I am counting the days til my summer vacation starts - I really need a break!

  4. thanks for the encouragement!!