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Saturday, April 9, 2011

bi-weekly finances, funds and relationship issues

As promised I am going to post my bi-weekly funds allocation. And just as I was about to write the first word I realized there was still a lot of money sitting in my checking account because I haven't actually moved any money around since I got home. The last few hours I have been going through a roller coaster of emotions and now I am just emotional zapped and don't even feel like talking about it or blogging, let alone doing any banking. However I have responsibilities so I just did the transfers. When I got home I was so ready to just rant about everything that had happened but my sister was home so she became my sound board. Now I am just drained and mellow.  Also for some reason when I last called in to ING to switch around the date my automatic withdrawals were to come out of my account they skipped the automatic withdrawal for this pay. So as a result I just cleared my Company Account and didn't even realize until I finished trans the money around and still have $119.00 left in my account instead of the $75 I was expecting.  A quick call to ING to find out what was going on and after trans of amounts to my back up Fund accounts and the issue has been sorted out. Only somehow I short changed my Retirement Fund by $6.00. And I have no idea how I did it!! So I have reduced my spending money by $5 to help make up the short fall, I will put the other $1 back at the end of the pay cycle.

                                                                 Pay: $1,098.89
TD line of credit~ $382.55
OSAP~ $117.45*
Visa~ $25*
Retirement fund~ $24
Emergency Fund~ $25
Christmas fund~ $40
Storage unit~$85*
Cat fund~ $50
Cat food fund~$20
Condo fund~ $5
Cell phone~ $50*
Company stock~$82.16
Spending money~ $70

* = money siting in bill account until the time comes to pay the bill.

On a side note my GST cheque came in for $62.50, so when I am next at the bank I will deposit it into my line of credit.

UPDATE: I didn't feel like finishing the post last night so I went to bed. Sorry for the tartyness.

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  1. I do all of my transferring online with ING and TD rather than calling, I find it much easier - have you tried that?