General Goals 1) to be debt free in 3.5 years 2) save lots of money

Friday, April 22, 2011

Oh To Be Debt Free

Today I paid my cell phone bill at $95.03, I budgeted $100 so the $4.97 was snowflaked into my line of credit. I have also snowflaked $25 which was originally allotted for my visa card.

 I think I made a mistake today. I told my mom I was no longer in consumer debt aka I had paid of my visa, she was surprised but she wasn't happy for me. No if you can believe it, she was resentful!! And I know that in one of our many arguments she will toss it at me. I made sure that when I told her a friend was around so that she couldn't make snide comments, though it didn't really stop her form one or two. I don't know what divorce does to woman (yes generalized I know) but she feels my sister and I are balls rapped around her neck holding her back. Last night she told Em (my sister) and I that she was kicking us out. I already know she resents the fact I went to university, I have already had that tossed at me. One of the reason's I am working so  hard to get out of debt is so that I can move out. I no longer want to be her excuse for why she hasn't got her life in order.

Any ways on to happier news, yesterday was pay day. The following is how I broke it up.

LoC~ $525
OSAP~$ 0
Visa~ $0
Retirement fund~ $25
Emergency fund~ $25
Christmas fund~ $40
Storage until~ $85*
Vet bills fund~ $50
Cat food~ $20
Condo fund~ $5
Cell phone~ $50
Company Stock~ $82.16
Car fund~ $117.73

* = currently sitting in holding account until I pay the bill

I have decided after the cats have gone to the vet's and I know how much it cost and what's left in my vet bills account I am going to play with the numbers again. I want to start putting $50 a month into my condo fund. I know its not a lot but anything is better than nothing.


  1. damnit, I just wrote you a really long comment and then blogger lost it!

    Anyway the gist of the comment is this.

    Keep your chin up! I've been there as well! By achieving the debt free status it makes people feel negative about not being debt free and to rationalise their debt status they will make excuses or put you down.

  2. it's a shame your mum can't just be proud of you for working hard to get ahead, but don't let it spoil what you've achieved with your debt payoff and going to uni. You're doing really well!!

  3. It is sad when those closest to of us are jealous instead of being happy for us. Don't let it get you down - you know you are on the right path. All your hard work will pay off in the end when you will achieve peace in your financial and personal life. You're doing great!


  4. It can be really hard when your family doesn't support you in bettering yourself, or resenting you for it. But, as savingfortravel said, keep your chin up. Soon enough you'll be able to move to your own place. In the meantime though, perhaps consider refraining from the money talk around your mum. Can be difficult, considering finance is obviously a big part of your focus right now, but it might keep the peace a little longer until you're able to move.

  5. Thank you so much for the advice, I agree with you except I’m not very good at keeping my mouth shut. It’s clearly something I need to work on.

  6. That's sad about your mom - she must be carrying a lot of anger around. If my daughter told me that I'd be over the moon with happiness for her. The last thing i want for her is to have a huge debt when she's done university.
    Obviously your mom is distracted by other issues, I hope she can eventually be happy for you.