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Friday, April 15, 2011

Tax Return and Visa Card Update

I have noticed that I don't have very exciting titles for my posts.  But to be honest I really can't come up with anything exciting. I will endeavour to change this. Any ways I deposited my Tax return today and walked the $850.20 over to TD to pay off my visa card. Or I thought I was paying it off in full. Turns out I was $14.95 short. So when I got home today I made a bill payment from Scotia to TD visa for $14.95. As such I can't say I am consumer debt free yet... sigh how depressing. In the mean time I am actually going to go through my old visa bills to find out when the last time my bill would have come in with a Zero balance. I don't think I have ever had one; it would be interesting to see.

I moved $450 into my car fund which brings it up to $3,361.80. I also moved $50.00 into my retirement fund, I have no idea what it's at. Last I moved $98.73 into my What if... fund, which brings it up to $108.73. I may have to dip into it to get my friend a bday gift and card. I'm not so happy about this but I can't not show up to her place empty handed. And this is what the fund is for in the end. Example: What if... [INSERT FRIENDS NAME] birth day comes up and I have no spare cash.

After I finish this post and updating my side bars, I have to sit down and start writing cheques out to my account and to the charity I sponsor a child from.

I have been mulling over stuff with my line of credit and I think it is going to be really tight this month. I really want to get it under $30,000.00 but I don't know if I can do it or not. Cross fingers!!! It will depend on what's left in my bills account after I pay all my bills this month. Last month I had it all predicted so when I was updating my net worth before the bill came in there was no surprises. This month is going to be different.  

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  1. Exciting titles AND personal finance don't really go well together so I just make mine up - they don't always relate to what's in the post but does help catch the eye:)