General Goals 1) to be debt free in 3.5 years 2) save lots of money

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Life Before Pay day

I started a post earlier about how frustrating my mom makes me when it comes to money. However in between starting it and finishing it I went to see my sister play her semi-final hockey game. My sister's team won the game but I swear I almost had a heart attack 5 times. It was a close game. And while I am still frustrated with things and the post will likely still be relevant later down the road, its not necessary right now.

If you remember my latest Weekly Spending Recap I had a lot of No Spend Days. I have a confession, the reason for so many of them and for the number I will have this week is because My chequing account has a ZERO balance. As a result there will be no snowflaking this pay because there is nothing left of this pay. At first I was really worried about how I would get through a week with no money. But the truth is, I still have all my savings in tact and I have survived the experience. I was very open with my friends that going out and spending money was not an option and for the most part they understood, some better than others.

I am looking forward to pay day because I want to dump money into my line of credit. But more than anything I am looking forward to my tax return. Today on the bus ride home I realized that with my tax return I have the potential of reducing my debt and bumping up my savings by a total of $2500. This is the most exciting prospect and I am anxious to get started. So bring on the savings and the debt reduction, my sleeves are rolled up, ready to go!!


  1. Great attitude! Hope your tax return comes in soon - what a boost that will give you. You're doing great!


  2. Yes, there's nothing better than a juicy refund cheque. One year I got to put $2700 on my LOC and that was just the BEST feeling! I love to think about all the possible combinations of where to put the money - I think the anticipation is almost better than the actual dispersal - the anticipation lasts for weeks, the dispersal mere minutes:)

  3. Ya I know I have been waiting for this thing since last month... I want to pay bills and get stuff done with it!!! waiting is painful!!