General Goals 1) to be debt free in 3.5 years 2) save lots of money

Monday, April 18, 2011

Weekly Spending Recap April 11-17, 2011

April 11 (Monday)
No Spend Day

April 12 (Tuesday)
No Sped Day

April 13 (Wednesday)
No Spend Day

April 14 (Thursday)
No Spend Day

April 15 (Friday)
$25.00 bus tickets

April 16 (Saturday)
No Spend Day

April 17 (Sunday)
$39.54 EB Games (friend's gift)

$4.17 Bday card @ Shoppers
$7.55 GO train ticket

I meant to write a post about this on Saturday but forgot and than I guess was lazy... I am not sure what happened. So I called Rogers to talk about my phone bill and how much it would cost me to buy myself out. As it turns out it would cost me $150 with taxes ($20 X # of months left in contract = cost to buy myself out of contract. I also looked at the cost of resigning and getting a new phone which i need if I am going to take advantage of even 1/2 the features that my plan offers. However I will not sign a 3 year contract and really its way to expensive to pay for it all up front. Basically I don't have $500 siting around to do any of the above things because I am not willing to lock myself in for 3 years. So I have decided to hold tight and wait until my contract comes up for renewal so at that point I can save up some money to by the phone that I want out right or at least a second hand phone out right and than just sign up for a 1 year plan.

The good news out of all this is that after talking to her the lady was very accommodating and agreed to nock $15. 50 off the rest of my bills until my contact comes up for renewal.  This will being my bill down from about $95.03 to roughly $78.89. I am so excited about this. The money I save I am going to roll in to my student debt. Every Cent Counts!!

Currently because I haven't written the cheques to my account and the charity I contribute I have a lot of money sitting in my chequing account! This always makes me nervous and I feel like I will spend it and not leave enough for the cheques to clear. So my goal tonight before I go to bed is to write them and post them. Hopefully the money will leave my account before Friday when pay day is or it will completely mess my banking and bills stuff up.


  1. Will you be diverting some/all of the $15.50 from the reduction of the bill to savings, planned spending or debt repayment?
    I'm curious because I know $10 here and $15 there can add up to a substantial amount over time, like say for your Emergency fund or your christmas fund.

  2. The 15.50 will be going towards my LoC to help reduce my student debt. And in September when my contact is up, I will be getting a lower priced plan and that savings I am not sure yet what I will do with it. Yes your right 10 here and there does add up! That's what I am hoping to happen!

  3. Good - I'm glad you were able to negotiate a lower payment for your cell. It's amazing what can happen if you just ask. What's great too is anything extra you can put against you loc is coming off the principle which in turn reduces your interest owing. Win/win!!