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Thursday, March 3, 2011

Being a nag works/I hate Tide laundry detergent

As of February 23, 2011 I am entitled to enrol in my company stock program. Because I was away I submitted the paper work early. However this means that it sat in a file on someone's desk. I called yesterday and chatted to a nice girl in HR and I explained that I wanted to check if my paper work had gone through and been submitted. She said that the person who does the processing had gone home and that she would check the system but she didn't see anything. She did escalate the call but basically she could tell me nothing. So I called back today and got the same person. I asked about my paper work again. She said she would look into it with the lady, today who was still in the office. Still I go no direct answer as to when I would see it come off my pay. I explained to her that I wanted to know as soon as possible because I had set it for 10% and I needed to adjust my budget to factor in the difference in pay. The major problem is that I don't know what my take home pay is before all the shift premiums and such are added since it doesn't show up on my pay stub.  All I get is an after tax figure taking into consideration the shift premiums  and after deductions. Another problem is that I had set my company stock contribution to 10% and I am not sure now if that is a good allocation of my income, when the company only matches 50% up to 6%.  However I didn't want to play with anything until I knew how it would affect my pay. She completely understood and because yesterday she had escalated my call she told me that I would hear back from the person who processes the paperwork by the end of the week. You see I am not on the top of the list for processing, I am sure of this. Basically how it works is if the deductions don't show up on your pay stub the week before pay day than you have to wait until the next pay cycle.

The good news in less then 1h after I had made the call I got an email from the lady who processes the applications to say that she had processed mine and that I should see my first  deduction on my March 10th pay. YAHOO for being a nag!! Yesterday I was being told it might take so long that I wouldn't see the deductions until my last pay of the month, now I have it in writing that it should be starting on the first pay! I am hoping that my budget for this month will not have to be adjusted again to accommodate the deductions. Hopefully my pay stub will be up tomorrow and I will know.

I am so excited this will help put me on my path to completing #3 of my financial goals for 2011: Invest 6% of my income into company stock. 

As for the Tide hating part. My sister did a load of laundry and put a heap of the Tide Active Lift stuff in which is a dark blue colour. Well its stained my cloths!!! So now I am redoing the load in the hope that it will wash the gross blue out of my cloths. Please someone explain to me what is the point spending money on detergent that destroys cloths. O.o  Not only is it one of the most expensive brands on the market, the dark blue dies are bad for the environment. I have instructed mom that we will no longer be using Tide in the house and since it has done the same to a bunch of her white towels she feels the same. I am now going to be a strong advocator for a NO TIDE HOUSE HOLD!!!

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